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Sprinting Workouts by ATHLETE.X

Sprinting Workouts by Cody Bidlow of ATHLETE.X provides high quality sprint training content for coaches and athletes who want to perform better.

Whether you need online training, speed training in Phoenix, a sprint training program, you want to learn about how to train, or you need assistance such as a coaching consultation call or our video technique review service, Sprinting Workouts has you covered!

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Learn More About Sprint Training

Training for the sprints is tough. That is why Sprinting Workouts has easy to follow guides showing you how to train for the 100 meter dash, the 200 meter dash, and the 40 yard dash! Click these links to learn more about how you can approach training for these sprinting events.

What Is Sprinting

Sprinting Workouts and the ATHLETE.X brand was built by me, Cody Bidlow, with the intent of centralizing information that can help athletes and coaches be better with regards to training, especially as it relates to sprinting workouts.

As a younger athlete, I found that there was a serious void in the realm of information and content for sprinters and other speed or power athletes. Aside from the Charlie Francis Training System, old interviews and seminars on YouTube, or a few obscure track and field related websites, most of the information online was either low quality, targeted at other types of athletes, or simply nonexistent.

Since starting the ATHLETE.X YouTube Channel, my videos and website have been viewed millions of times, which goes to show that there is a need for high quality sprinting workout related content. Hopefully this content has or in the future can help you in some way. That is my main goal.