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PRE-SEASON 400m Dash Training Program - Phase 1 of 2

PRE-SEASON 400m Dash Training Program - Phase 1 of 2

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Training for 400m sprinters designed to enhance speed, power, strength, speed endurance, and conditioning.

Do you want to run a faster 400m dash? Do you want this season to be the season where you set personal bests? If so, ATHLETE.X has the training for sprinters you need to reach your goals. 

If you have taken some time off and completed an effective off-season training program, it is now time to make your training more specific as you transition into the pre-season.

This pre-season 400m dash sprint training program provides training for sprinters that takes place in the first half of their pre-season period.

In this program you will get:

  • 8 weeks of high quality pre-season training for the 200m dash.
  • Strength, power, and conditioning workouts.
  • Video links for nearly every exercise in the program from the ATHLETE.X YouTube channel.
  • A healthy balance of weight room and running workouts.
  • Training that is specifically designed to be used early in your training year.

Weekly Setup (Non-Deload Weeks):

  1. Sprint Day
  2. Lifting Day
  3. Off Day
  4. Sprinting Day
  5. Lifting Day
  6. Endurance Day
  7. Off Day

To be successful as a 400m dash sprinter, you need to be fast, strong, and powerful. If you are looking to sprint faster in the 400m dash, this program needs to be a part of your yearly training plan.

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