Sprinting Benefits - Burn Fat & Run Faster With The Benefits Of Sprinting

Sprinting has many benefits. Here you will learn what are the benefits of sprinting and how you can add sprinting to your running training.

benefits of sprinting

Sprinting Benefits

Sprinting is one of the best forms of exercise. Whether you are interested in sprinting for fat loss, to improve at the 100 meter dash, or for how sprinting can make you run faster, you can rest assured sprinting is a great choice of exercise.

Benefits of Sprinting Vs Jogging

While jogging is a popular and effective form of training, there are benefits to sprinting which cannot be achieved through jogging alone.

Because sprinting is such a high intensity activity, sprinting will recruit fast twitch muscle fibers which can help you run faster.

Jogging will help develop your aerobic energy system and improve your cardiovascular health, but sprinting will do more to stimulate your muscles, tendons and nervous system. When we sprint, the brain must coordinate movements are very rapid speeds, and this can help increase the amount of force, power, and running speed you can achieve.

benefits of sprinting

Sprinting will help improve joint stiffness and tendon elasticity, and this can help improve your running economy. By having better running economy, you'll be able to run faster and farther without getting as tired. The more elastic your tendons and the more joint stiffness you have when running, the less energy is required by the muscles to fuel your movement.

Sprinting is also a more time efficient way to train. When jogging, you may need to spend an hour or more of continuous running to gain any benefits. With sprinting, you can perform a workout in 20 to 30 minutes that will burn more fat and cause stronger adaptations in your body than jogging alone.

The main benefits of sprinting vs jogging include:

  • Sprinting will make you faster.
  • Sprinting will make you stronger and more explosive.
  • Sprinting will train your nervous system for better coordination.
  • Sprinting will improve your running economy.

Health Benefits of Sprinting

Sprinting has many health benefits which can help you be as healthy as possible.

Sprinting is a potent method for burning belly fat, the type of fat which is typically associated with health problems like metabolic disease, obesity, and diabetes. Research shows that sprinting can burn more fat in less time than slower forms of running.

Sprinting has been shown to lower your blood pressure after performing sprint interval training. Sprinting can also reduce blood pressure in youth. If more people sprinted regularly, we could improve the health of our society!

Sprinting can also reduce insulin sensitivity and cholesterol levels, especially LDL or "bad" cholesterol. Because of this, sprinting may be a good way to prevent diseases such as heart disease without needing to run for hours on end every day.

Benefits Of Sprinting Uphill

Sprinting can be performed on flat ground or in the form of hill sprints. Hill sprints are typically a safer way to sprint and come with many benefits.

Sprinting uphill has been shown to improve 3km time trials, agility, strength, and V02 max. Another study shows that uphill sprinting can benefit your time to exhaustion, meaning you can run farther before needing to stop.

When we perform uphill sprinting, we have to work against gravity to launch ourselves up the hill as fast as possible. This means that uphill sprinting can have benefits such as improved explosive power, faster acceleration, increased strength, and the ability to run faster.

Benefits Of Sprinting For Fat Loss

If you want the best exercise for fat loss, then sprinting should be at the top of your list. Research has shown multiple times that sprinting and sprint interval training is a time-efficient way to burn fat, especially visceral fat which is particularly unhealthy.

Once you are warmed up, a sprint workout can be completed in as little as 10 or 20 minutes. Because sprinting is a high intensity activity, you can get benefits from sprinting in a short amount of time which would take much longer if you were running slowly.

How To Benefit From Sprinting

Benefits Of Sprinting Once Per Week

In as little as one training session per week, you can benefit from sprinting. This is particularly useful if you perform other types of training, such as jogging, strength training, or swimming.

Sprinting can help complement the rest of your training program by giving you an option for high intensity exercise that will recruit fast twitch fibers and burn fat like an incinerator.

You can perform short distance acceleration training, or take a more moderate approach with tempo runs or build up strides. Whatever you do, take your time easing into the sprinting over the course of a few weeks. Your first sessions can be submaximal such as sprinting at 85%, working up to 90% or faster throughout a few workouts.

Sprinting For Beginners

For more information on how to get started sprinting, check out my post on sprinting for beginners, learn about sprinting workouts, or pick up a sprint training program.


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