Nike Maxfly 2 Review By A Sprinter & Track Coach

Nike Maxfly 2 Review By A Sprinter & Track Coach

Nike Maxfly 2 Proto Review

The Nike Maxfly 2 is the most anticipated pair of track spikes that I have seen come onto the market in my 18 years of sprinting.

cody bidlow sprinting in nike maxfly 2 proto spikes

Coming off of the successful yet checkered past of the original Nike Maxfly, the Maxfly 2’s promise to deliver better performance and durability than its predecessor.

The question is, can these spikes deliver where the first model fell short? Today we will answer that question, based on my experience sprinting in these brand new sprinting spikes.

What’s New With The Nike Maxfly 2

nike maxfly 2 proto

According to Nike, the newest Maxfly on the market sports some design tweaks which include the following:

  • Updated upper with a different structure and material, including Flyweave yarns to improve how securely the shoes fit.
  • The carbon fiber FLYPLATE has been modified to match the new spike plate.
  • The updated spike plate features 6 spike pins instead of 7, a flatter surface than the original Maxfly, and an elevated medial platform.
  • The spike plate also features a textured finish, increasing traction while supposedly enhancing durability.

My First Impressions Sprinting In The Maxfly 2 Proto

I was sent a pair of these shoes to try out, and they arrived on the day that the Maxfly 2 Proto hit the shelves.

I was grateful for this, as the shoes sold out online within a couple minutes of being released.

I took these with me when I ran at the 2024 Oxy Invite at Occidental College, running both the 100m and 200m dash races in these brand new spikes and winning my 100m heat.

The following week, I set my new season's best time of 10.98 in these spikes. Suffice to say, I am pleased with how they perform!

Above is a video of me running my first 100m dash below 11 seconds this year in the Nike Maxfly 2 Proto.


In my experience, the Nike Maxfly 2 Proto performs as well as any other spike that I have worn. I was able to run my season's best time in these spikes in both the 100m and 200m this year over the past couple weeks.

Fit & Comfort

The Maxfly 2 fits my foot better than its predecessor. The original Maxfly was too tight around the ball of my foot and base of my pinky toe, while the Maxfly 2 gives a good balance of room for your foot without being loose.

Ride & Responsiveness

The Maxfly 2 ride is more refined than the first version of the shoe, feeling more stable while just as responsive. The flatter spike plate makes it easier to sprint the curve, and makes acceleration feel more predictable.

These are great spikes for athletes who like a stiff spike plate and bouncy feel, but who want something more stable than the original version of these shoes.


While obviously it will take time to see how long these spikes last, the Maxfly 2 seems more durable than the previous version. I have bent the spike plates of the original Maxfly after one race, and blown out the Zoom Air unit after a few practice sessions.

In contrast, the Maxfly 2 seems to hold up well under the demanding conditions of sprint training and competition. The foam, spike plate, and Zoom Air units appear to be in good condition after using them multiple times, which gives me hope that Nike has solved the durability issues which plagued the original Maxfly.

Based on this experience, here are some thoughts I have on these brand new sprint spikes:

  • The flat spike plate eliminates the wobbly feel that came with the original Maxfly, giving you more confidence in each step both on the straight and in the turns.
  • The reshaped upper fits my foot much better than the first model, which felt too tight around the ball of my foot and base of my pinky toe.
  • The material of the upper is soft and comfortable, allowing for sprinters to wear these spikes with or without socks.
  • The spike plate appears to be stronger and less likely to fail than the original model.
  • Traction feels good despite having 6 spikes instead of 7, due in part to the spike arrangement as well as the textured spike plate.
  • The Maxfly 2 Proto feels more stable and comfortable when sprinting the turns in the 200m compared to the first model.
  • Performance-wise, these spikes felt similar to that of the original Maxfly in the 100m and better than the original model in the 200m.
  • The Maxfly 2 is visually appealing, comfortable, and appear more durable than the previous iteration.

Should You Buy The Nike Maxfly 2?

If you can find a pair of Maxfly 2’s in stock, I would suggest grabbing a pair. Most stores are currently out of stock in most popular sizes, but it is expected that they will be restocked soon.

If you are in dire need of a pair of spikes and the Maxfly 2 is unavailable, you could check out any of the following spikes:

For more options, check out my article on the best sprinting spikes in 2024.

Product Details & Specifications

  • Price: $190
  • Weight: 5.8 ounces
  • Heel Stack Height: 15.9mm
  • Forefoot Stack Height: 17.5mm
  • Release Date: May 1, 2024
  • World Athletics Approved: Yes


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