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My 10 Favorite Sprinting Spikes In 2024

My 10 Favorite Sprinting Spikes In 2024

After personally testing several spikes for track, these are the 10 best sprinting spikes for track sprinters for the 2024 season.

Best Track Spikes For Sprinters

  1. Nike Air Zoom Maxfly (My favorite Nike Spikes)
  2. Puma Tokyo Future 4 (Light, stiff, and fast spikes)
  3. Nike Zoom Superfly Elite 2 Flyknit (Good all around spikes)
  4. Adidas adiZero Prime SP2 (My favorite Adidas Spikes)
  5. Nike Ja Fly 4 (Lightest Nike Spike Ever)
  6. Ascics Metasprint (The spikes without spikes)
  7. Adidas adiZero Prime SP
  8. Adidas adiZero Finesse
  9. Nike Zoom Rival S (Best Nike spikes for beginner sprinters)
  10. Adidas Sprintstar (Best for high school sprinters)

Here, are the best sprinting spikes  I'll try to give you a brief idea of which spikes might be the best choice depending on your event and level of sprinting ability.

best spikes for sprinters

#1 - Nike Air Zoom Maxfly Sprint Spikes

nike maxfly sprint spikes
  • Weight: 5.7 ounces
  • Events: 60m, 100m, 110mH/100mH, 4x100m, 200m, 400m, 4x400m
  • Experience Level: Advanced

The Nike Air Zoom Maxfly is at the top of this list as it has the latest in sprint spike technology, and has gotten a lot of attention since so many fast times were run in these at the Tokyo Olympics. These are the spikes I used for training and competing in 2022.

Personally, I've found that despite the extremely stiff plates on these spikes, they actually have a softer overall feel as compared to a more traditional set of spikes. This is because of the Zoom Air unit under the forefoot and the soft foam heel on the spike.

As sprinters, we have to strike the ground aggressively and then quickly pick the foot up to cycle into the next stride. The Maxfly spikes help make this process a little bit easier as the Zoom Air unit helps store energy so your foot can bounce off of the ground with minimal ground contact times, allowing you to sprint efficiently and conserve energy.

I have found that these sprint spikes are particularly useful for speed endurance training, and my assumption is that this is because of the enhanced energy return you get from the shoe. For me, my ankles and Achilles tendon feel better sprinting in these than traditional spikes, making the premium price worth it for me. Learn more about these shoes in my Nike Air Zoom Maxfly review.

Personally, I feel that these sprint spikes are more helpful in upright sprinting for attaining high maximal velocities and maintaining that speed during speed endurance training.

#2 - Puma Tokyo Future 4 Sprinting Spikes

puma tokyo future 4

  • Weight: 6oz./170g
  • Events: 60m,100m, 110mH/100mH, 4x100m, 200m, 400m, 4x400m
  • Experience Level: Advanced

The Puma Tokyo Future 4 are spikes for track designed to for the needs of elite athletes. I have been using these spikes recently, and they feel great.

The track spikes are built upon Puma's latest forked carbon plate which provides a propulsive rebound that is very responsive off of the track. In testing these spikes, they help you push through the ball of the foot and feel springy in every step.

The Puma Tokyo Future 4 combines a carbon plate, a full-length synthetic plate, and 8 non-removeable spikes, which collectively make this pair of sprinting spikes very stiff, light, and good for high performance sprinting.

The upper of this shoe is lightweight but durable, utilizing the Matryx Micro Technology which keeps you feeling light on your feet and comfortable while sprinting. The laces provide solid lockdown for your foot, which helps ensure your foot stays in place when you sprint.

If you're looking for an elite-level pair of spikes for track, the Puma Tokyo Future 4 will help you take your sprinting to the next level.

#3 - Nike Zoom Superfly Elite 2 Flyknit Spikes

nike superfly elite 2 flyknit spikes

  • Weight: 5.2 Ounces 
  • Events: 60m,100m, 110mH/100mH, 4x100m, 200m, 400m, 4x400m
  • Experience Level: Intermediate & Advanced

Next up on the list are the other high-performance spikes by Nike, the Nike Zoom Superfly Elite 2 Flyknit. These spikes are more of a traditional spike plate design in that they have a single, full-length spike plate. Where these differ from other spikes is in their unique spike plate texture, as well as the material of the upper portion of the shoe.

The flyknit upper material is lightweight, flexible, and breathable, making for a comfortable fit that morphs to the shape of your foot. If you struggle with finding spikes do are either too tight or too loose, the Superfly Elite 2's might be the spikes for you. You can learn more about these spikes in my Nike Zoom Superfly Elite 2 review.

Also, the spike plate has a unique claw-style design, which gives you the benefit of both added traction for sprinting on the curves, as well as providing you great grip in wet conditions. The honeycomb shape allows space for water to go so that you do not slip when it is wet, and the spikey texture helps you grab the track even when your foot is not fully in contact with the entire spike plate.

For athletes who want a very high-performing sprint spike but need more versatility than with the MaxFly, or who want a slightly cheaper price, the Nike Zoom Superfly Elite 2 Flyknit might be the right choice.

    #4 - Adidas Adizero Prime SP2 Spikes For Sprinters

    adidas adizero prime sp2
    • Weight: 4.2 ounces
    • Events: 60m,100m, 110mH/100mH, 4x100m, 200m, 400m, 4x400m
    • Experience Level: Advanced

    The Adidas adiZero Prime SP2 sprint spikes are like a unicorn. Highly sought after, beautiful, but nearly impossible to find. I was lucky to snag a pair from Dicks Sporting Goods, but as of now, they are sold out.

    In using the SP2's, I have found that they provide a very stiff and responsive feel while on the ground, but their lightweight design makes it easy to recover and cycle the leg quickly so I can get to the next stride easily.

    They provide good pushing power during acceleration and solid bounce during maximal velocity, such that they allow you to sprint in a fast but relaxed fashion without having any kind of disruptive feel.

    As is usual with Adidas track spikes, the Adizero SP2's make you feel very balanced and planted while sprinting in them, both when in the straight and in the turn. There is a small space between the spikes on the inner forefoot of the shoe, and this allows you to run the turn in a very natural way as it is easy to roll through the medial portion of the forefoot during takeoff.

    From a fit standpoint, I was able to wear an 11 when I wear an 11.5 in the MaxFly, but with the half size down it does feel somewhat tight around the forefoot but not the toes. They are not too tight, though, and I am able to sprint well in them without feeling like they are the wrong size.

    The tongue does not go all the way up to the ankle like most sprint spikes, but this was less of an issue than I thought it would be originally. Overall I have enjoyed all of my sprinting workouts performed in these spikes.

    Ultimately these are great track spikes for experienced track athletes. Sprinters who like a responsive but stable, powerful sprinting spike should pick up a pair of Adidas adiZero SP2 sprint spikes if they can find them in stock.

    #5 - Nike Ja Fly 4 Spikes

    Nike Ja Fly 4 Sprint Spikes

    • Weight: 4.3 ounces
    • Events: 60m, 100m, 110mH/100mH, 4x100m, 200m, 400m, 4x400m
    • Experience Level: All Levels

    The Nike Ja Fly 4 sprint spike is the newest pair of Nike spikes, and it is quickly becoming a favorite among sprinters looking to dominate the track.

    The Ja Fly 4 is the lightest pair of spikes ever made by Nike, coming in at only 4.3 ounces. Even better is that these spikes are priced very reasonably at $110.

    I have always liked the Ja Fly line of Nike spikes, having run my personal best in the 100m dash using the Ja Fly 2. Years later, the legacy of the Ja Fly continues with the Nike Ja Fly 4.

    Nike has introduced a completely new plate design for the Ja Fly 4, incorporating computationally-designed hexagons that deliver stiffness in the most important areas of your foot.

    There are also longitudinally arranged cables that run through the spike plate, following the curve of your arch, giving you stiffness and spring to bounce off the track with every step. The combination of low weight and high stiffness help athletes sprint fast, without being bogged down by heavy spikes or flimsy spike plates.

    The Nike Ja Fly 4 is suitable for all sprinting and hurdling events, while the Ja Fly 3 was more directed at the 200m specialist type of sprinter. Whether you are blasting out of the blocks in a 60-meter dash or exhibiting great speed endurance in the 400m, the Nike Ja Fly 4 will get you to the finish line quickly.

    #6 - ASICS Metasprint Spikes

    asics metasprint


    • Weight: 4.9 ounces
    • Events: 60m,100m, 110mH/100mH, 4x100m, 200m
    • Experience Level: Advanced

    The ASICS Metasprint is a sprint spike like no other. Not only does it feature a full-length carbon fiber plate and an extremely lightweight, but this sprinting shoe also features a pinless spike plate.

    The designers at ASICS decided that instead of building a shoe with spikes that penetrate the track surface (and require friction to come out of the track), they would create a pinless spike that weighs less and more easily bounce off of the track.

    The result is a quick shoe that won't bog you down with extra weight or unnecessary friction. In my testing, this shoe was typically as fast as the MaxFly's, though I prefer the softer albeit heavier feel of the MaxFly and the stable power of the Adidas SP2.

    #7 - Adidas adiZero Prime SPadidas adizero prime sp sprint spike

    • Weight: 4.2 Ounces (size 9)
    • Events: 60m,100m, 110mH/100mH, 4x100m, 200m
    • Experience Level: Advanced

    One of my favorite spikes that I have used in the past is the Adidas adiZero Prime SP sprint spikes. If you want the lightest spikes around with a very responsive, minimalist feel, the adiZero Prime SP's are a great choice.

    Designed for short sprint events, the newest generation of Prime SP's now come with removable spikes, whereas the previous versions of these spikes were not removable. While this was good for weight reduction, many athletes complained that the spikes were unusable once the built-in spikes wore down through practice and competition use. Now you can get more use out of these spikes since the pins can be replaced.

    The feel of these spikes is opposite that of the Maxflys, in that these spikes have a very responsive feel almost as if you are sprinting barefoot. This is because the shoe is very thin, and lightweight, and there is very little material between you and the ground other than the stiff plate.

    If you get these spikes, I would consider using them in competition and your fastest practice sprints, but it might be wise to wear a more cushioned shoe for your long distance sprint training. My Prime SP's have lasted quite a while, but the lack of cushion can be harsh on your lower legs if you use them for long sprints in practice.

    If you specialize in the 60 meter and 100 meter dash races and are an experienced athlete, these spikes are a great choice.

    I have run some of my fastest acceleration times wearing the adiZero Prime SP's, and as such, they come highly recommended for the shortest sprint distances.

    #8 - Adidas adiZero Finesseadidas adizero prime finesse spikes

    • Weight: 5.5 Ounces
    • Events: 60m,100m, 110mH/100mH, 4x100m, 200m, 400m, 4x400m
    • Experience Level: Beginner & Up

    During the times that I have used the adiZero Prime SP's, I used the more affordable Adidas adiZero Finesse spikes for the bulk of my training. These spikes are heavier but have a cushioned feel that makes grueling workouts easier to handle as compared to the Prime SP's.

    Also, because these are currently on sale for a lot less than any of these other spikes, you do not have to worry as much about durability.

    These spikes are better for intermediate-level athletes at the high school or collegiate level, allowing for high performances while not being too aggressive for athletes who have not yet reached their highest levels of performance

      #9 - Nike Zoom Rival S

      Nike Zoom Rival S

      • Weight: 6.2 Ounces
      • Events: 60m,100m, 110mH/100mH, 4x100m, 200m, 400m, 4x400m
      • Experience Level: Beginner

      The best spikes for high school sprinters is likely to be the Nike Zoom Rival S. These spikes are lightweight and comfortable but offer a forgiving spike plate which is safer for youth and high school athletes compared to the stiffer plates of the MaxFly and the Adizero Prime SP.

      These spikes are perfect for athletes who are new to the sport and do not need the stiffest spike plates or any fancy designs. These spikes are also much more affordable than most other spikes on this list. As an athlete grows accustomed to wearing spikes, that might be when they move up to the more aggressive spikes of the Superfly Elite 2.

      #10 - Adidas Sprintstar

      • Weight: 6 Ounces
      • Events: 60m,100m, 110mH/100mH, 4x100m, 200m, 400m, 4x400m
      • Experience Level: Beginner

      The Adidas Sprintstar is an affordable sprint spike that is best for high school athletes and other athletes new to sprinting. This pair of spikes has a hard spike plate under the forefoot, but a more flexible plate under the arch, making for a softer and more forgiving feel as compared to the AdiZero Prime SP.

      I used these spikes in 2018 and found that they were a good pair of spikes for my purposes at the time. I was not competing at that time, so I did not need a fancy pair of spikes.

      Overall these spikes are comfortable and fit well, and feel very light when in use. While these spikes lack a carbon plate and a full-length hard spike plate, these spikes are a good choice for athletes who have little experience in spikes and want a good-looking, forgiving pair of sprint spikes.

      As an added bonus the Adidas Sprintstar is affordable at only $64.99.

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