Distance Running Shoes With Spikes | 2023 Buyers Guide

Distance Running Shoes With Spikes | 2023 Buyers Guide

Best Running Shoes With Spikes In 2023

What Are Running Shoes With Spikes?

Running shoes with spikes, also referred to as "track spikes" or simply "spikes", are running shoes with removable or permanent metal pins. These shoes are used in track & field competitions as well as during training for running and various athletics events.

Why Are Running Shoes With Spikes Important?

In order to run your fastest and train at your best, it is important to have shoes which are supportive, provide excellent traction, and that are light enough to let you run free of distraction.

Normal running shoes provide high levels of cushion and support, but they fall short when it comes to weight and traction. This is where spikes come in.

Running shoes with spikes provide runners the opportunity to run fast and stay safe while they train on a synthetic track. If you are an avid runner and want to bump up the intensity in your training sessions or you plan to compete in track and field, then you should pick up a pair of running shoes with spikes.

Benefits of Running Shoes with Spikes

There are a variety of benefits that come with wearing spikes when you run.

Improved Traction

Because of the metal spikes in the bottom of the shoe, running shoes with spikes let you grip the track at high speeds. You can trust that with every step, you can put out high levels of effort and speed without the risk of slipping.

Better Speed and Performance

Because of the enhanced grip, light weight, and spike plate technology, running shoes with spikes well let you run faster and perform better.

Depending on the spikes you choose, some may come with partial or full length plates, pebax or carbon spike plates, air pads, or special foams, all of which give you more energy return from each step so you can propel yourself down the track with ease.

Beginner runners can typically use less stiff, more basic running spikes, whereas more experienced athletes can take advantage of high tech spikes to maximize their performance.

Reduced Risk of Injury

Because of the enhanced traction and low weight, running shoes with spikes will usually help you avoid injury, especially as it relates to slipping related injuries. Also, because they are light weight, they will put less stress on your hip flexors and hamstrings each stride.

Types Of Running Shoes With Spikes

Depending on your preferred style of running or competitive distance, there are a variety of different types of running shoes with spikes you may want to consider. These include:

The different types of running shoes with spikes are differentiated based on their intended use, with differing designs to meet the demands of the events they are designed for.

Sprinting spikes will typically be forefoot dominant, encouraging you to run on the balls of your feet, and will have very stiff spike plates to facilitate the rapid, forceful strides sprinters take.

Distance running spikes will be more balanced to allow for a heel first or midfoot strike, while also giving the athlete a stiff and reactive feel paired with high levels of traction throughout the shoe.

Jumping spikes will have the thickest soles, so that jumping athletes can protect their feet and legs as they perform the long jump, triple jump, or high jump.

Distance Running Spikes

Below are the top 3 running shoes with spikes for distance runners. If you run distances such as the 800m, 1500m, 1 mile, 5k, or 10k, these are good spikes for your needs.

#1 - Nike Air Zoom Victory

The Nike Air Zoom Victory is an elite level pair of spikes for distance runners. These running shoes with spikes offer the highest level of energy return, the stiffest spike plate, and the most advanced technology available in all Nike distance running spikes.

 nike air zoom victory

Built for events ranging from the 800 meters to the 5000 meter race distance, the Nike Air Zoom Victory is best for faster middle and long distance runners, experienced distance runners, or runners who want to ensure they're getting the most out of every step.

Nike Air Zoom Victory Features:

  • A very stiff carbon plate in addition to the spike plate gives you maximum energy return from each step you put into the track, propelling you forward with ease.
  • A breathable mesh upper that ensures your feet stay dry and comfortable for the long run.
  • Nike Air Zoom air pad technology enhances the bounce you feel from each step, making these spikes feel like no other pair of running shoes with spikes.
  • 6 removable spike pins that offer maximum traction.

Nike Air Zoom Victory Specifications:

  • Weight: 4.6oz
  • Events: 800m, 1500m, 3000m, 5000m, Steeplechase
  • World Athletics Approved: Yes
  • Price: $180

#2 - Nike ZoomX Dragonfly

The Nike ZoomX Dragonfly is another top performer when it comes to running shoes with spikes. The Dragonfly is the long distance counterpart to the Nike Zoom Victory, featuring Nike ZoomX foam and a moderately stiff spike plate which combine to give you a great combination of cushioning and performance.

nike zoomx dragonfly

Built for events from 1500 meters up to the 10k, the Nike ZoomX dragonfly is best for long distance runners, but can be used in shorter events if needed. 

Nike ZoomX Dragonfly Features:

  • A stiff plate and ZoomX foam give you maximum propulsion while ensuring you have comfortable cushioning as you run your distance event.
  • A breathable mesh upper keeps you comfortable and you feet dry as you run.
  • 6 removable spike pins that offer maximum traction.

Nike Air Zoom Victory Specifications:

  • Weight: 4.7oz
  • Events: 1500m, 3000m, 5000m, Steeplechase, 10,000m
  • World Athletics Approved: Yes
  • Price: $150

#3 Nike Zoom Rival Distance Spikes

The Nike Zoom Rival is the best running shoe with spikes if you want something affordable, forgiving, and well cushioned. Designed for high school athletes and casual runners, the Nike Zoom Rival distance spikes will get you comfortably through your run without breaking the bank.

nike zoom rival distance spikes

Built for all distance running events, these running shoes with spikes are versatile, comfortable, and a great way to try out spikes if you have never used them before. 

Nike Zoom Rival Features:

  • Significant cushioning from heel to toe helps you get down the track with minimal impact.
  • The breathable upper material is comfortable to use with or without socks.
  • 4 removable spike pins that offer ample traction in wet or dry conditions.

Nike Air Zoom Victory Specifications:

  • Weight: 4.7oz
  • Events: 800m, 1500m, 3000m, 5000m, Steeplechase, 10,000m
  • World Athletics Approved: Yes
  • Price: $70
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