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The Best Track Spikes For Long Jump in 2023

As a long jumper, I know how important it is to have the right long jump spikes. These are my favorite spikes for long jump of 2023 that will help you jump farther!

Track Spikes For Long Jump

While some athletes might use sprint spikes when competing in the long jump, the problem is that the heel on sprint spikes is typically too thin and lacks the traction needed to properly load on the penultimate step and take off explosively at the board.

Athletes are much better served to compete in long jump using spikes which are designed specifically for the event.

What Makes Long Jump Spikes Different?

Long jump spikes are designed specifically for the demands of the event.

When we compete in long jump, we typically want to see a full foot contact on the penultimate step and the take-off, rather than taking these last two steps on your toes.

Long jump spikes help athletes achieve the proper technique because long jump spikes have a thicker heel and grippy material under the heel, allowing for the athlete to proper set up for and take off from the long jump.

Additionally, because of the extremely high forces endured by athletes in the long jump, track spikes for long jump are typically more durable and slightly bulkier than sprint spikes, allowing athletes to forcefully and aggressively attack the long jump. If the athlete knows they will have the traction and the cushioning to jump far, they will typically put more effort into the jump.

What Are The Best Track Spikes For Long Jump?

#1 - Nike Air Zoom LJ Elite

The Nike Air Zoom LJ Elite is a great pair of track spikes for long jump. These spikes are good for long jumpers with normal sized feet, whereas athletes with wider feet might be better suited with the AdiZero LJ.

The Nike Air Zoom LJ Elite comes with a lightweight and breathable upper material and an X-cross strap, providing comfort and a secure but adjustable fit that ensures your spikes are locked onto your feet so you can long jump safely. I have athletes who jump in these spikes and they like them a lot.

These spikes feature a full length carbon plate and an Air Zoom pad under the forefoot, which together make these spikes very responsive and explosive off of the ground. Athletes who like to feel bouncy and light on their feet will enjoy how the Nike Air Zoom LJ Elite feels when the compete in the long jump.

To ensure these spikes stay fresh and your feet dry, the LJ Elite features perforations around the heel, and the upper material allows for air flow while still maintaining a snug and secure fit.

Similar to the AdiZero LJ, the Nike long jump spikes feature a sharkskin grip pattern on the heel so that you can plant your foot with confidence and explode through your long jumps.

  • Weight: 8.6 Ounces
  • Events: Long Jump, Triple Jump, Pole Vault
  • Price: $150.00

#2 - Adidas AdiZero LJ

The Adidas AdiZero LJ are the spikes that I use when competing in the long jump. These spikes are comfortable for athletes with wide feet, offer ample cushioning for the impacts of the event, as well as offering great grip on the heel for a stable penultimate step.

The AdiZero LJ features synthetic overlays on the toe box for additional forefoot support, ensuring your foot stays locked in place when taking off from the board. The outsole plate is made from Pebax material, giving a great blend of energy return and cushioning that is important for athletes in the long jump.

The Adidas Sharkskin pattern on the heel provides ample traction for a well-planted penultimate step, and their moderate weight of 7.8 ounces ensures athletes will be quick on the runway and the takeoff when long jumping in these spikes.

If you want comfortable long jump spikes which will help you jump your farthest and withstand the demands of a competitive season, the Adidas AdiZero LJ are a great option.

  • Weight: 7.8 Ounces
  • Events: Long Jump, Pole Vault, Triple Jump
  • Price: $110.00

 #3 - Saucony Soarin J 2

The Saucony Soarin J 2 are the most affordable track spikes for long jump on this list, and are a good option for athletes who do not prefer an extremely stiff spike plate like you'd get with the Nike LJ Elite.

Saucony uses a stretchable upper mesh material referred to as ISOFIT, paired with FLEXFILM overlays which provided added support without adding much extra bulk. Athletes who prefer a soft tongue will appreciate the padding on these long jump spikes.

These spikes feature an EVA midsole which provides good cushioning for the high force impacts of the long jump. Because this spike does not feature a carbon spike plate, athletes who struggle with very stiff spikes will find these to be more comfortable and easier on their feet.

These spikes have a removeable insole, which gives athletes the option to use the standard insoles or replace them with insoles of their own preference. Between the comfort of these spikes and the affordable price, the Saucony Soarin J 2 is a great option for anyone looking for track spikes for Long Jump.

  • Weight: 8.9 Ounces
  • Events: Long Jump, Triple Jump, Pole Vault
  • Price: $100.00
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