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Track Spikes With A Carbon Plate

As an athlete, I always want to use the best sprinting spikes available. For that, I have chosen to use track spikes with carbon plates. Here are my favorite track spikes that feature a carbon spike plate for high performance and great energy return!

Track Spikes With Carbon Plate

While softer spikes and more flexible spike plates are typically useful for high school athletes, such as the Nike Zoom Rival S or the Adidas Finesse, more experienced athletes can benefit greatly from using track spikes that feature carbon spike plates.

The benefits of carbon spike plates include the fact that carbon fiber gives great energy return, meaning that the force you produce will go into the track and back into your body without leaking energy. The practical result is that you will run as fast as possible, run with efficiency, and feel very bouncy and light on your feet.

There are a few options when it comes to track spikes with carbon plates, my favorite of which I have listed below, including spikes for both sprinters and distance runners.

Sprint Spikes With A Carbon Plate

Nike Air Zoom MaxFly

The Nike Air Zoom MaxFly is my favorite track spikes with a carbon plate, they are just a bit hard to come by as they are often out of stock online. These spikes are built for athletes in the sprint events, and provide a great balance between comfort and performance.

These spikes feel different from any other pair of spikes I've worn, likely due to the Zoom X Air unit under the forefoot, paired with two spike plates including a carbon fiber spike plate.

The shockwave pattern on the outer spike plate is paired with seven removeable spike pins, giving track that is superior to many other track spikes on the market. Experienced athletes who are looking to sprint fast and set new personal bests should consider the Nike Air Zoom MaxFly, as long as they can find a pair in stock!

ASICS® Metasprint Tokyo

The ASICS Metasprint Tokyo sprint spike is a unique, pinless track speak featuring a carbon fiber plate that is said to reduce ground contact times and improving sprinting performance.

These track spikes are extremely light, fit comfortably, and are the only pinless sprint spike in existence. The researchers at ASICS found that spike pins can actually slow down an athlete's ability to pick the foot off of the ground, due to the friction that results from the spikes embedding themselves into the track.

Athletes who prefer to sprint with a high stride frequency and a light track spike will find that these carbon fiber track spikes feel very quick, are comfortable, and are of a very high build quality.

Sprinters competing in the straight sprints such as the 60 meter dash and 100 meter dash will get great performance out of the ASICS Metasprint Tokyo.

Distance Running Spikes With Carbon Spike Plates

Nike Air Zoom Victory Flyknit

The Nike Air Zoom Victory Flyknit is a high performance spike primarily used by middle distance runners competing in the 800 meter up to the 1500 meter, but realistically these spikes can be used by 200 meter and 400 meter dash sprinters as well.

Similar to the MaxFly, the Victory spikes feature ZoomX foam which provides a responsive ride and cushions your legs from impact, a carbon fiber spike plate to ensure efficient energy return, a Zoom Air unit under the forefoot to give the runner great bounce off of the ground, and best of all they are World Athletics approved!

Athletes who compete in long sprints or middle distance events will enjoy the breathable upper material on this shoe, as well as the notched laces which help lock the foot in place for a secure and fast ride.


The HOKA ONE ONE Cielo X MD is built for middle distance runners looking for an edge on the track. Athletes who compete in events ranging from the 800 meters to the 3k will find that the Cielo X MD is a great option.

The Cielo X MD track spike features a carbon fiber spike plate and an early stage rocker which helps push your foot into a propulsive position while storing energy and launching you into your next stride.

These spikes are very light, weighing only 4.5 ounces, and are said to be very comfortable thanks to the EVA sockliner material in the upper. Athletes who enjoy sprinting in spikes without socks will find the Cielo X MD to be comfortable and breathable while delivering the highest levels of distance running performance.


For long distance sprinters competing in events ranging from the 3k to the 10k, the HOKA ONE ONE Cielo X LD provides one of the lightest track spikes with a carbon plate in existence.

This pair of track spikes includes both a pebax plate and carbon fiber, paired with a mesh upper that leaves your feet drive and your stride swift. When on the ground, the Cielo X LD gives a responsive and comfortable ride that allows for great times over long distances.

The four spikes at the forefoot of the shoe will provide good traction in both wet and dry conditions, and weighing only 3.7 ounces these spikes will allow for quick turnover and stride frequency as if you weren't wearing any shoes at all.

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