Nike Zoom Superfly Elite 2 | Review By A Sprinter

Nike Zoom Superfly Elite 2 | Review By A Sprinter

Nike Zoom Superfly Elite 2 Review

The Nike Zoom Superfly Elite 2 is a high quality pair of sprinting spikes which is tailored toward sprinters who want a comfortable, light, fast pair of spikes.

nike zoom superfly elite 2

Here we will cover my experience with these spikes, and give you some things to think about if you are considering picking up a pair of these.

Nike Zoom Superfly Elite 2 - First Impressions

Having used these spikes over a long period of time, I can say with certainty that the Superfly Elite 2 is a track spike for sprinters. 

These spikes are very light, fit comfortably snug, and give a lot of feedback to the athlete on each step. The spike plate is stiff but not so much that it would make your feet hurt, and they feel reactive when sprinting on the track.

These sprinting spikes are suitable for all sprint events, and best for intermediate or advanced athletes competing in events from the 400m and below. These make for a perfect upgrade for athletes who have been using entry level spikes such as the Nike Zoom Rival S.

Nike Zoom Superfly Elite 2 Fit & Comfort

The Nike Zoom Superfly Elite 2 sprinting spikes fit like a sock. Though tough to put on when I first got them, once your foot is in the shoe it feels like a near perfect fit. The flyknit design helps the shoe form fit to the shape of your foot, allowing them to snug but not overly tight. Athletes with a remarkably wide forefoot may have some issues with these, but I had no issue and my feet are wider than the average person.

The heel cup is padded, which is a feature that I liked. It irritates me when a pair of sprinting spikes feels like it will slide off of my heel, but the padding around the heel helps keep your foot locked in place while also minimizing the risk of getting blisters on your achilles tendon and heel.

 nike zoom superfly elite 2

One of the less discussed but still important qualities in spikes are the length of the laces. Some spikes are too short and hard to tie, while others are so long that they flop around and can be a distraction or a tripping hazard. With the Superfly Elite 2's, the laces are the perfect length to get a snug fit, while not being so long that it becomes an annoyance.

Overall I would say these rank as some of, if not the, most comfortable spikes that I have worn.

Nike Zoom Superfly Elite 2 Build Quality

From a build quality perspective, the Nike Zoom Superfly Elite 2's are well built, with no major manufacturing issues in the pairs I have used. The glue along the spike plate was evenly distributed, both shoes felt like they fit the same on each foot, and the stitching was well done with no apparent flaws.

Nike Zoom Superfly Elite 2 Ride

When you are sprinting, the Superfly Elite 2 spikes feel fast, reactive, and light. The spike plate gives a much more neutral feel as compared to the Nike Max Fly, which tends to put a lot of tension through your calves and hamstrings when walking around. Another issue with the Max Fly is the rounded spike plate, which can feel sort of wobbly when walking or accelerating.

In contrast, the Nike Zoom Superfly Elite 2 spikes feel neutral, flat, and unobtrusive to your normal walking, running, and sprinting gait. While sprinting in the Nike Superfly Elite 2's, you will feel that your foot is well planted, and that you have a stable platform upon which you can apply force to the track.

The combination of removeable spikes paired with the honeycomb spike plate gives ample traction in both dry and wet conditions, and it feels good both in the turns and the straights.

The spike plate is moderately stiff, and will give you good energy return from the track as perform your sprints. Other spikes, such as the Max Fly or the Adidas SP2 will be stiffer, but stiffer is not always better. The Superfly Elite 2's will perform well, but will not be so aggressive that they hurt your feet.

How Fast Are The Nike Zoom Superfly Elite 2's?

Compared to other spikes I have used, including the Nike Max Fly, the Asics Metasprint, and the Adidas Adizero Prime SP2, I found that the Superfly Elite 2's produced times in practice which were similar to these other spikes.

Many elite sprinters have run blistering times in the Nike Superfly Elite 2's, and it is important to remember that these were the pinnacle of spikes prior to the current era of so-called "Super Spikes". While they may not be as flashy as other pairs, they certainly can be just as fast.

What I like About These Spikes

  • The Nike Zoom Superfly Elite 2 spikes are generally comfortable to wear, very light, and fits like a glove.
  • They are aesthetically pleasing, and they have a comfortable pad around the achilles which prevents any blisters from wearing them without socks.
  • These shoes are very breathable, which helps keep them fresher for longer even when not using socks.
  • The honeycomb plate offers many points of friction with the track, giving solid tracking and allowing for an athlete to confidently attack the ground without fear of slipping.

What Could Be Improved On

  • The toe box is slightly cramped for athletes with very wide feet., and athletes with shin splints might find that the firm ride of these aggravate their issues.
  • The honeycomb plate gets filled with dirt easily, so one should avoid walking in muddy grass while wearing these.
  • The ball of my foot felt like it wasn’t fully covered by the spike plate, as well as the most medial portion of my arch, but I think I just chose the wrong size and would've benefitted from going a half-size up.
  • The spike plate is narrow under the arch, so it feels like the inside part of the foot is not fully supported by the spike plate. Once again, this is likely a size issue, not an issue with the shoes themselves.

Nike Zoom Superfly Elite 2 Specifications

  • Events: 60m, 100m, 200m, 400m, 100mH, 110mH, 400mH
  • World Athletics Approved: Yes
  • Weight: 
  • Price: $150

Concluding Remarks On The Nike Zoom Superfly Elite 2

Overall, the Nike Zoom Superfly Elite 2 sprinting spikes are a good option for intermediate and advances track sprinters who want a high quality, traditional pair of spikes.

I particularly liked the neutral ride and comfortable fit of these spikes. While there are stiffer spikes on the market, the spike plate is stiff enough that you should be able to get great force production and energy return with each step.

These spikes are durable and have good traction, so you can rely on them when it counts, no matter the conditions. If the price is within your budget, you cannot go wrong with the Nike Zoom Superfly Elite 2 sprinting spikes.

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