1080 sprint 2 overspeed and resisted sprinting device

The 1080 Sprint 2 | The Latest In Assisted Sprinting Technology

The 1080 Sprint is widely know as a top-tier piece of training equipment for athletes who want to run faster. This system allows the athlete to perform resisted sprints, assisted sprints, overspeed training, and receive useful data outputs related to their speed, power, and stride characteristics.

Due to be release in Q3 or Q4 of 2023, the 1080 Sprint 2 is the newest product in the 1080Motion lineup. This article will go over some of its features, its price, where you will be able to get it, and our thoughts on it as a whole.

The 1080 Sprint 2

The recently announced 1080 Sprint 2 has been completely redesigned, with a new form factor, more resistance, a longer cable, and more.

1080 Sprint 2

The original 1080 Sprint was a very innovative product, but it came with some downsides, such as requiring an external source of power, costing nearly $20,000, requiring an external device such as a laptop or tablet, only offering 90m of cable length, and being fairly large.

1080 Sprint 2 Features & Upgrades

The 1080 Sprint 2 has a variety of great features which make it a superior training device over the original model.

Some of these features include the following:

  • Longer Cable Length: 150m (164 yards) of cable length, which allows athletes to run longer sprints with the 1080 Sprint 2.
  • More Resistance: This model offers up to 40kg (88lb) of resistance for high velocity movements and 70kg of isokinetic load for maximal force exercises.
  • High Velocity Training: The 1080 Sprint 2 allows athletes to perform overspeed sprinting up to 14m/s, or 31 miles per hour.
  • Eccentric Overload: Athletes seeking rehab or eccentric strength gains can use this device for up to 3x eccentric overload on various exercises.
  • Data Outputs: Keep track of your velocity, force, and power outputs when you sprint with the integrated data metrics.
  • Built-In Touch Screen: You will no longer need an external device to interact with the machine, as it has an easy to use, built-in touch screen to set up your workouts.
  • Compact Design: The new design is shaped like a cube, with an easy to use handle and an integrated plate mount so you can secure the device to the ground with an Olympic sized weight plate.
  • Rechargeable Battery: Now you can use the 1080 Sprint without needing an external source of power, as it comes with a rechargeable battery that is partially recharged as you use the device.
  • Cheaper Price: While still quite expensive, the 1080 Sprint 2 comes in below $17,000, as opposed to nearly $20,000 with the original system.

All together, the 1080 Sprint 2 looks to bring great features and utility to the speed training technology market. The 1080 Sprint 2 appears easier to use, transport, and acquire, compared to the original 1080 Sprint device.

Where To Buy The 1080 Sprint 2

Currently, the 1080 Sprint 2 is available for pre-order through SimpliFaster..

How Much Is The 1080 Sprint 2?

The 1080 Sprint 2 expected to retail for $16,500 for the unit itself. I inquired as to whether there will be any recurring software fees, but have yet to receive any information on this.

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