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More Than Just Programs

With the Online Training Club, you get more than just high quality performance oriented training programs.

Our new discord community will allow for members to help each other out, give advice and suggestions, ask for technique assistance, or whatever else is of interest. 

Beyond that, we have coaching options available to suit your needs. Looking to get some questions answered or video reviewed monthly? We've got an option for you. Looking for a true 1-on-1 coaching setup, with personalized training and frequent interaction? We've got that too.

Online Training Club - Membership Options

Training Club

Basic Coaching

$100 Per Month

Instant Messaging With Your Coach

Monthly Technique Review Video Analysis

Additional 50% Discount Coaching Calls

Workouts Delivered Via App

Elite Coaching

$400 Per Month

Daily Customization Of Training Program

Weekly Technique Review Video Analysis

30 Minute Coaching Call Included, 50% Off After

Workouts Delivered Via App

Online Training Group

Get workouts sent to your phone to help you get stronger, sprint faster, and jump explosively.

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