Best Nike Sprinter Spikes For 2023

Best Nike Sprinter Spikes For 2023

Best Nike Sprinter Spikes for 2023

Nike sprinter spikes are well known for their high performance, comfort, and well-rounded product line. Here we will discuss the best Nike sprinter spikes for 2023. is an affiliate of Nike. Our reviews are honest and we buy these spikes ourselves to test. To help support our work, purchasing spikes through our links will give us a small commission to help support our operating costs.

Nike Sprinter Spikes

For the fastest athletes on the planet, Nike sprinter spikes are often the most popular footwear in Track & Field. Nike offers a variety of options for Nike sprinter spikes, and these can be selected based on the athletes experience level and event group. To take your sprinting workouts to the next level, a pair of Nike spikes may be right for you.


#1 - Nike Zoom MaxFly Sprinter Spikes

Nike Zoom MaxFly sprinting spikes came onto the market prior to the 2020 Olympics, and were considered to be the first pair of "super spikes". These spikes have some unique features which make them a standout in the world of sprinter spikes, such as:

  • A very stiff, full length carbon plate which allows for maximum transfer of force into the ground.
  • Air Zoom air units which provide both cushioning and bounce, so every strike feels like you are launching off of the ground.
  • 7 spikes in the spike plate paired with the Nike shockwave patterned plate provide supreme traction in all conditions.
  • Unique foam between the carbon plate and the outsole spike plate allows for further cushioning while retaining a very stiff and responsive feel off the ground.

I have run many races in the Nike Zoom MaxFly spikes, and I find that they are particularly good for speed endurance training, racing in the 100 meter dash, and for athletes who like to feel bouncy as they sprint down the track.

nike air zoom maxfly

Because these spikes are a very unique design, it may take athletes a while to get used to how they feel. These spikes are taller as it relates to the height from the bottom of the foot to the track, due to the air cushions, foam, and plates.

Because these spikes are very stiff, and due to their higher profile design, these Nike sprinter spikes are best for more experienced athletes who are performing at an intermediate to high level of sprint performance.

If you are a track athlete who has been sprinting for a while and has used relatively stiff spikes such as the Nike Superfly Elite 2's but want something more, the Nike MaxFly 2 spikes would be a good choice for you.

You can support our work by purchasing the Nike Zoom MaxFly through our affiliate links, which gives us a small commission from each sale.

Nike Air Zoom Max Fly Details

  • Event Groups: 60m/100m/200m/400m/110mH/100mH/400mH
  • Weight: 5.7oz
  • World Athletics Approved: Yes
  • Price: $180.00

#2 - Nike Zoom Superfly Elite 2 Sprinter Spikes

The Nike Zoom Superfly Elite 2 sprinter spikes are an all around great spike for sprinters. Featuring a stiff spike plate with 8 removeable pins, the Superfly Elite 2 sprinter spikes provide ample traction at a light weight, an impeccable fit, and superior comfort.

nike superfly elite 2

These spikes come with the following features:

  • The flyknit outer material provides a great, comfortable fit that hugs your feet like a sock.
  • The full-length honeycomb spike plate provides great traction both in wet and dry environments, and the 8 removable pin spikes ensure that no matter how you contact the ground, you'll have the grip you need.
  • A stiff spike plate that is neither too soft nor too stiff, allowing athletes of various levels to perform at their best by provide great energy return from the track.
  • These spikes are very light, coming in at 5.2 ounces.

Having sprinted in these spikes, I can say that these are some of the best traditional sprinter spikes on the market. Intermediate and advanced athletes can achieve great times in these Nike sprinter spikes, and can do so without needing much of a learning curve or time to adjust to these spikes.

Whether you are in high school, college, or run post-collegiate as a pro or a masters athlete, the Nike Superfly Elite 2 sprinter spikes are a great option for both your sprinting workouts as well as for racing in competition. If you pick up a pair of the Superfly Elite 2's, you will not be disappointed.

Nike Zoom Superfly Elite 2 Details

  • Event Groups: 60m/100m/200m/400m/110mH/100mH/400mH
  • Weight: 5.2oz
  • World Athletics Approved: Yes
  • Price: $150.00

#3 - Nike Zoom Rival Sprinter Spikes

The third and final pair of Nike sprinter spikes on our list is the Nike Zoom Rival sprinter spikes. These are the go-to pair of sprinter spikes for youth and high school sprinters, as they provide a good balance of traction and comfort while being less stiff and more forgiving than the MaxFly or the Superfly Elite 2.

nike zoom rival sprinter spikes

These spikes come with the following features:

  • A stable but breathable outer shell which keeps your foot secured while sprinting fast.
  • A 3/4's length spike plate which provides high levels of grip, while being less stiff than other spikes to provide a more forgiving experience for less experienced sprinters.
  • 6 removeable spikes that provide great grip for all sprint events.

The Nike Zoom Rival is the most affordable pair of Nike sprinter spikes, which makes it perfect for beginner sprinters, hobbyists, or anybody who wants a quality pair of sprint spikes without breaking the bank.

The updated 3/4 length spike plate provides a better feel than previous versions of the Zoom Rival, while still allowing for developing sprinters to use these spikes without feeling like they are too aggressive on their feet and lower legs.

If you are a high school sprinter, new to track & field, or simply want a basic pair of spikes that will get the job done, the Nike Zoom Rival is a great option.

Nike Zoom Rival Details

  • Event Groups: 60m/100m/200m/400m/110mH/100mH/400mH
  • Weight: 6.5oz
  • World Athletics Approved: Yes
  • Price: $70.00


Overall, these are the best Nike sprinter spikes on the market in 2023.

For experienced sprinters who want the stiffest spike plates and maximum bounce in each stride, the Nike Air Zoom Max Fly is a great way to go.

For sprinters who compete in multiple events, prefer a light weight spike, but also want ample stiffness and great energy return from the track, the Nike Superfly Elite 2 is a best Nike sprinter spike for you.

For sprinters who are new to track & field, who prefer a less stiff spike plate, or who want to get a pair of spikes for less than one hundred dollars, the Nike Zoom Rival is the best option for you.

Either way you go, you should find that these Nike sprinter spikes provide you the comfort, traction, and performance you desire.

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