Nike Metcon 8 Review - Best Lifting Shoe For Athletes

Nike Metcon 8 Review - Best Lifting Shoe For Athletes

Nike Metcon 8 Review - The Best Lifting Shoe For Athletes

If you're a serious athlete, then you know that there's no such thing as being too prepared. You need to have your training shoes on hand at all times so that when an opportunity presents itself, you can take advantage of it.

The Nike Metcon 8 is my favorite lifting shoe, as it allows you to float through your cardio, do plyometrics, and power through your lifts, all without swapping to a pair of running shoes or Olympic lifting shoes.

metcon 8 review

Where To Buy The Nike Metcon 8:

The Nike Metcon 8 - Dependable Lifting Shoes

Not all cross-training shoes are created equal; some offer more stability and durability than others do, while olympic lifting shoes are often too heavy and clunky for athletic movements.

The Nike Metcon 8 fits the bill as a training shoe you can use for olympic lifting, strength training, jump training, and more!

Instead of swapping your shoes out mid-workout depending on the exercise, the Nike Metcon 8 allows you to do all your gym training in one versatile pair of shoes.

From comfort during long workouts to durability in tough conditions, is my current favorite cross-training shoe.

The Nike Metcon 8 is a cross-training shoe that can handle anything you throw at it.

The Nike Metcon 8 is a cross-training shoe that can handle anything you throw at it.

It's not just a weightlifting shoe, either. While you certainly can use it for Olympic lifting, it can also be used for powerlifting movements, plyometric exercises, treadmill jogging, and more.

This Nike Metcon 8 is versatile shoe was designed to be used for many different activities and is the go-to choice for athletes who want to combine lifts, jumps, sprints, and more into their strength training workout.

The Metcon 8 has been designed so that it's comfortable in any situation: whether you're running on a treadmill, doing box jumps, or perfecting your power clean.

Nike Metcon 8 Durability

The durability of the Nike Metcon 8 is great. The sole is strong, with a mix of durable rubber and a strong plastic heel support. To produce more force in strength training exercises, we need to ensure we are in a stable position with a solid footing on the ground. The hard plastic heel is similar to an olympic weightlifting shoe, while having a flexible forefoot to allow for more dynamic movements.

The upper is sturdy enough to lock your foot down during forceful movements, while being flexible enough to allow for you to perform pogo hops, box jumps,  drop jumps, or use a sprint sled.


These shoes run true-to-size, but you may be able to go up one-half size if you need extra room in the shoe. If you go down a size, you may feel it is too tight around the arch and forefoot.

Sized properly, the shoes will fit snugly around your midfoot and rearfoot, but your forefoot will have space to move, allowing for you to perform dynamic movements effectively.


One of my favorite aspects of the Nike Metcon 8 is that you can use the Metcon 8 for a variety of activities, including strength training, cardio, plyometrics, using a sprinting treadmill, and weightlifting.

In the past, I would bring both running shoes and olympic weightlifting shoes to the gym with me. I would do my lifts in the lifting shoes, and jumps in the running shoes. Since buying the Nike Metcon 8, I've been able to complete my full workout without switching shoes. This saves me time, makes my workouts more efficient, and ensure I don't forget to bring the right pair of shoes.

The Nike Metcon 8 is versatile enough that it could work for athletes training in nearly any sport. Whatever your goals are with your strength and plyometric training, the Nike Metcon can be a great option for your strength training workouts.


The main reason the Nike Metcon 8 is a superior shoe for strength training and lifting workouts is the stability it provides. To produce force and get stronger, we need to lift weights in stable shoes, and your typical running shoe is simply too squishy to provide this stability under high loads.

The forefoot is flexible but mostly flat, allowing for stability in your forefoot as well as versatility for dynamic movements.

The midsole is sturdy and designed to provide enough protection so that you can lift weights without any pain in your feet or ankles, but also absorb shock when jumping. If you're someone who often needs to jump off of boxes during training sessions, this shoe can handle the demands of your training.

The heel on the shoe has also been upgraded to provide more support as well. The elevated heel makes it easier to get deep into a squat, while they stiff and flat surface it provides ensures that your foot will be stable while under high load.

The TPU cage and Flywire technology provide support and stability, while the mesh upper offers breathability.


The Nike Metcon 8 is a comfortable shoe for both beginners and advanced athletes. It's designed to fit snugly, but not too tight so your feet will feel secure when running on the treadmill or doing other exercises that require you to keep your foot in place.

Nike React foam makes these shoes stable but reactive, allowing you to hammer away at lifts or bounce your way through plyometrics. This is the same Nike React foam used in their top running shoes and sprinting spikes.

The toe box is relatively wide, ensuring a comfortable fit with room to breathe so that you do not get any foot or arch pain while lifting weights.

The shoe also has breathable panels on top of each toe box that help keep your feet cool during workouts. This helps to keep the Metcon 8's fresh and clean.

Midsole/Outsole Design

The Nike Metcon 8's midsole/outsole design is built around TPU cage and Flywire technology. It comes with a rubber outsole, which helps with traction on the hardwood floors of your gym. The midsole cushioning also provides good flexibility and support for the foot, without sacrificing the stability needed for lifting heavy weights.

The Nike Metcon 8 also features a full-length Phylon foam sponge in its forefoot to provide extra comfort between your toes as well as underfoot protection from impacts. This makes it a great shoe for athletes doing intense, dynamic movements.

The Nike Metcon 8 is the most versatile cross-training shoe on the market, so if you're looking for a single pair of shoes to cover all your needs in the gym, look no further.

If you're looking for a single pair of shoes to cover all your needs in the gym, look no further than the Nike Metcon 8.

The Nike Metcon 8 is designed for the training demands of athletes, who need something more supportive than traditional sneakers but don't want their feet feeling too bulky or heavy on their feet with traditional Olympic lifting shoes.

Final Take On The Nike Metcon 8

The Nike Metcon 8 is the most versatile cross-training shoe on the market, so if you're looking for a single pair of shoes to cover all your needs in the gym, look no further!

Pick up your pair of Nike Metcon 8's directly from Nike.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Nike Metcon 8

Is the Nike Metcon 8 good for running?

While not a dedicated running shoe, the Nike Metcon 8 is great for cross-training or mixing up different workouts at the same time. For some light running before your lifting workout, the Nike Metcon 8 will get the job done.

Is The Nike Metcon 8 good for lifting?

The Nike Metcon 8 is perfect for lifting. I have thrown many heavy lifts at these shoes and they let me smash workouts without a complaint. For all of your lifting needs, the Nike Metcon is a fantastic choice.

Is The Nike Metcon 8 true to size?

In my experience, the Nike Metcon 8 is true to size. I went up half a size because I have a wide foot, but the length of the shoe is spot-on.

Is The Nike Metcon 8 waterproof?

The Nike Metcon 8 is not waterproof, but this is because it is built to be breathable and keep your feet dry during a workout. Avoid trouncing through puddles in these shoes.

Are Nike Metcon 8's good for squats?

Yes, the Nike Metcon 8 is an optimal shoe for squats. The moderate heel elevation and stable structure of the shoe allows you to produce more force and lift heavier weights in your squat workouts.

Are Nike Metcon 8 shoes comfortable?

In my experience, the Nike Metcon 8 is very comfortable. I have never felt uncomfortable when working out in these cross-training shoes.

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