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60 Meter Dash GPP Sprint Training Program - Indoor 60m Dash Sprint Training

60 Meter Dash GPP Sprint Training Program - Indoor 60m Dash Sprint Training

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60 Meter Dash Sprinter Training Program | 2019 - 2020 Indoor Track Season

Training for sprinters designed to be used in the off-season or pre-season in order prepare the athlete for the 60m dash 

Are you looking to compete in the 60m dash? Do you need to get started on your training for next track season? If so, we have the 60 meter dash sprinter training program you need.

This sprint training program trains 60m dash sprinters prior to the indoor competitive season of track and field, and is to be used as the initial training phase of the year. In an indoor track & field season lasting from January through February, this program would be performed by the athlete in September and October.

In this program you will get:

  • 60 days, or approximately 8 weeks of high quality, general preparation training for the 60m dash.
  • Endurance training for sprinters, including extensive tempo, intensive tempo, hill sprints, resisted sprinting, speed development, sprint capacity training, and speed endurance training that is relevant to the 60m dash.
  • General strength training exercises, specific strength exercises, med ball circuits, jumps circuits, and power development exercises.
  • Video links for nearly every exercise in the program from the ATHLETE.X YouTube channel.
  • Information on how to read the program, how to implement the program, and some FAQ's related to the program.

60 Meter Dash GPP Off-Season Sprint Training Program General Information

This program consists of two months of training, focusing on building a base of training that will support further progressions of training to be performed later in the year.

Athletes who have not been training since the end of their last season, or athletes who have been doing some training on their own can benefit from implementing this program early in their year of training for track & field.

Being that the 2019-2020 indoor track & field season will take place in January and February for most athletes, this program is most useful if implemented in the late summer or early fall.

Assumed Risk

By purchasing this program, you agree to accept the full responsibility for the risk that is incurred by performing this or any other training program. While this program is designed to be safe and effective for many people, training for sports has inherent risks. Please use common sense and best practices of safety in order to benefit the most and stay healthy while using this sprint training program for the 60 meter dash.


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