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100m Dash Sprint Training Program PDF - In Season Competitive Phase

100m Dash Sprint Training Program PDF - In Season Competitive Phase

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100 Meter Sprint Training Program PDF

In-Season Training Program For The 100 Meter Dash

You've trained hard all year, now it is time to compete. Make sure you're prepared, with this in-season 100m dash outdoor training program.

With the indoor track & field season over and the outdoor track & field season approaching or beginning, 100m dash sprinters must shift their focus to the demands of 100m dash competition. This program is designed to help you compete at your best in the 2019 outdoor track & field season.

This program is designed to follow the 100m Dash Specific Preparation Period training program.

In this program you will get:

  • 100 Meter Sprint Training Program PDF designed for use in-season.
  • 8 weeks of in-season sprinting workouts & strength training, and plyometrics for the 100 meter dash.
  • Acceleration training, speed training, speed endurance training, and tempo endurance training.
  • Workouts and exercise progressions designed for you to reach peak shape by week 8.
  • Video links for nearly every exercise in the program from the ATHLETE.X YouTube channel.

Weekly Setup

This program is designed with a 1:1 ratio of training weeks and competition weeks, with the goal being to peak at the end of the 8 week sprint training program.

During non-competition weeks, the program is roughly set-up as such:

  1. Acceleration Training & Strength Training
  2. Tempo or Off Day
  3. Speed & Speed Endurance
  4. Off Day
  5. Speed & Power Training
  6. Off or Tempo
  7. Off Day

During competition weeks, the program is set-up like this:

  1. Acceleration & Speed Endurance Training
  2. Power Training
  3. Off or Tempo
  4. Potentiation Jumps or Sprints
  5. Pre-Meet
  6. Compete
  7. Off Day

You can use this program as-is, competing every other week, or you can shift things around depending upon your specific situation. The program includes an introduction and FAQ which will help you figure out exactly how to use the program based on your specific situation.

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