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100m Dash Sprint Training Program - 8 Week SPP - ATHLETE.X 2019

100m Dash Sprint Training Program - 8 Week SPP - ATHLETE.X 2019

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Training for sprinters designed to prepare the athlete for the 100m dash and the competitive season.

Are you looking to compete in the 100m dash? Are you transitioning from the indoor 60m dash to the outdoor 100m dash? If so, ATHLETE.X has the sprint training program you need.

This sprint training program trains 100m dash sprinters for the competitive season of track and field. It is designed to be used in the late winter or early spring, prior to a season of 100m dash competition.

This program is designed to follow the Off-Season & Pre-Season 100m Dash Training Program Bundle.

In this program you will get:

  • 8 weeks of high quality, specific preparation training for the 100m dash.
  • Acceleration, speed, and speed endurance training.
  • Highly specific strength, power, and plyometric training workouts.
  • Video links for nearly every exercise in the program from the ATHLETE.X YouTube channel.

Weekly Setup (Non-Deload Weeks):

  1. Sprinting & Lifting Workout
  2. Off
  3. Sprinting Workout
  4. Lifting Workout
  5. Off
  6. Sprinting Workout
  7. Off Day
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