best running shoes for calf pain

The 3 Best Running Shoes For Calf Pain In 2023

The 3 Best Running Shoes For Calf Pain In 2023

If you are tired of calf pain plaguing your running workouts, these shoes can help.

Here we will cover our 3 favorite running shoes for calf pain, so you can run with less pain and more enjoyment.

Our Favorite Running Shoes For Calf Pain

high performance running shoe for calf pain
versatile running shoe for calf pain
lightweight running shoe for calf pain

New Balance FuelCell SC Elite v3: The High-Performance Running Shoe for Calf Pain

Experiencing calf pain doesn't mean you have to compromise on performance when choosing the right running shoe.

The New Balance FuelCell SC Elite v3 is a high-performance running shoe designed for neutral runners who want comfort, support, and speed.

With a carbon fiber plate, responsive cushioning, and a lightweight design, this shoe is perfect for alleviating calf pain and reaching your personal best.

Key Features and Benefits:

  1. Lightweight and Comfortable Design: The New Balance FuelCell SC Elite v3 features a lightweight design and a low 4mm heel drop that promotes a balanced midfoot strike. This helps reduce stress on your calves while providing a comfortable running experience.
  2. Carbon Fiber Plate for Snappy Energy Return: The shoe's carbon fiber plate ensures snappy energy return and quick turnover, enabling you to achieve faster speeds and better performance on race day.
  3. Mid-Level Cushion for Optimal Comfort: The FuelCell SC Elite v3 provides mid-level cushioning, ensuring every step feels cushioned yet springy. This shoe is great for both short sprints and longer runs, thanks to its cushion and responsiveness.
  4. Responsive Cushioning with FuelCell Foam: The shoe's FuelCell foam helps make each stride feel softer at impact yet quicker off of the ground at toe-off. The energy efficiency of this shoe makes it a good option for those with calf pain.
  5. Support for Neutral Runners: The New Balance FuelCell SC Elite v3 is designed for neutral runners with medium to high arches, giving the support you need to prevent lower leg pain.
  6. Perfect for Road and Track Running: Whether you're training on the road or the track, this shoe will perform well at high speeds.

New Balance FuelCell SC Elite v3 Customer Reviews and Ratings

With a 4.3/5 rating based on 31 reviews, customers have praised the New Balance FuelCell SC Elite v3 for its support, comfort, and performance.

One reviewer mentioned that the shoe provided incredible power and support during their run, while another mentioned the shoe allowed them to return to their midfoot strike without any pain or discomfort.

New Balance FuelCell SC Elite v3 Specifications:

  • Weight: 8 oz
  • Heel Drop: 4mm
  • Shoe Type: Running Shoe with Carbon Plate
  • Carbon Plate: Carbon Fiber Plate for snappy energy return and quick turnover
  • Cushioning: Energy Arc pairs the carbon plate with a high cushion midsole for increased energy
  • Foot Type: Suitable for neutral runners with medium to high arches
  • Training Style: Perfect for race days or fast workouts on roads and tracks

What We Think About The New Balance FuelCell SC Elite v3

In our opinion, the New Balance FuelCell SC Elite v3 is a good option for those wanting a high-performance running shoe that offers comfort, support, and speed for runners experiencing calf pain.

The carbon fiber plate will help ensure that the energy you put out is returned so you can run smoothly over both short and long distances.

If you want the highest-performing shoe that is good for those with calf pain, FuelCell SC Elite v3 is our top choice.

The Versatile Running Shoe For Calf - New Balance Fresh Foam X 880v13

The New Balance Fresh Foam X 880v13 is a stability shoe that can serve a variety of purposes as a walking shoe, running shoe, or cross-training shoe.

This shoe gives runners a great blend of versatility, cushioning, and responsiveness. As such, it is a solid choice for everyday use, long-distance running, or training at the gym.

Key Features and Benefits:

  1. Stability Shoe for Neutral Runners: The New Balance Fresh Foam X 880v13 is best for runners who want a stable shoe without excessive cushioning. If you prefer a more neutral and planted feel, this shoe is a good choice.
  2. Mid-Level Cushion for Comfort and Energy: Featuring mid-level cushioning, the Fresh Foam X 880v13 ensures every step feels cushioned yet springy, providing excellent energy and comfort on runs of any length.
  3. 10mm Heel Drop for Balanced Running: With a 10mm heel-to-toe drop, the shoe encourages a more balanced running form, helping to reduce stress on your calves and lower legs.
  4. Versatile Performance: The Fresh Foam X 880v13 is an ideal choice for various running surfaces, including the track, treadmill, or road. Its versatile design allows you to adapt to different running conditions with ease.
  5. Enhanced Durability with Ndurance Technology:  The shoe features Ndurance rubber integrated into key areas, providing extra durability in areas that typically wear the fastest. This ensures a longer-lasting shoe without sacrificing comfort or performance.
  6. Supportive Upper and Cushioned Midsole: The engineered mesh upper delivers ultimate breathability and comfort, while the Fresh Foam X with Bio EVA midsole provides a classic responsive cushioning combination, ensuring a comfortable and supportive ride.

New Balance Fresh Foam X 880v13 Customer Reviews and Ratings

Based on customer reviews, this shoe has garnered a 4.6/5 rating based on 64 reviews.

Customers who bought these shoes have found them to be suitable for various activities, including walking, running, or training in the gym.

New Balance Fresh Foam X 880v13 Specifications:

  • Weight: 10.6 oz
  • Heel Drop: 10mm
  • Shoe Type: Stability Shoe
  • Comfort: Supportive Upper with engineered mesh for breathability and comfort with no-sew overlays to reduce friction.
  • Durability: Enhanced Durability with blown Ndurance rubber
  • Cushion: Mid-level Cushioned Midsole with Fresh Foam X and Bio EVA
  • Running Style: Suitable for neutral runners
  • Training Style: Perfect for training on tracks, treadmills, or roads

Our Verdict On The New Balance Fresh Foam X 880v13

The New Balance Fresh Foam X 880v13 is a good choice for runners who want versatility in their running shoes.

Its stability, mid-level cushioning, and versatile design make it an excellent choice for runners looking to get the most value for their money. With the New Balance Fresh Foam X 880v13, you can hit the road, track, or treadmill with confidence and get to training without calf pain.

The Best Lightweight Shoe for Calf Pain - Brooks Hyperion Tempo

Runners dealing with calf pain need shoes that offer lightweight comfort, excellent support, and energy return.

The Brooks Hyperion Tempo, a favorite among those seeking a lightweight shoe with mid-level cushioning, is the perfect solution.

Its nitrogen-infused DNA Flash midsole, breathable upper, and energy-saving design make it an excellent choice for runners who want to ease calf pain without sacrificing performance.

Key Features and Benefits:

  1. Perfect for Medium to High Arches: The Hyperion Tempo is designed for runners with medium to high arches, providing optimal support and comfort for various foot types and running styles.
  2. Mid-Level Cushioning for Support & Responsiveness: With its mid-level cushioning, the Hyperion Tempo offers just the right amount of light and responsive cushioning, ensuring a comfortable ride that adapts to your unique stride.
  3. Balanced Heel Drop for Enhanced Comfort: The Hyperion Tempo features an 8mm heel-to-toe drop, which helps promote a balanced running form and reduces stress on the calves and lower legs.
  4. Lightweight Design for Effortless Running: Weighing just 7.3 ounces, the Hyperion Tempo is designed to make you feel light on your feet, allowing for smooth, quick transitions during runs and workouts.
  5. Ideal for Everyday Running and Training: The Hyperion Tempo is perfect for everyday running and training on roads and paved trails, providing versatile performance in various conditions.
  6. Stretchy Breathable Upper and Responsive Cushioning: The shoe's featherweight stretch-woven upper ensures maximum comfort and a secure fit, while the nitrogen-infused DNA Flash midsole delivers lightweight cushioning and adaptive energy return.

Brooks Hyperion Tempo Customer Reviews and Ratings:

With a 4.7/5 customer rating, the Brooks Hyperion Tempo has received praise for its lightweight design, comfort, and performance. Reviewers have noted the shoe's excellent support, smooth transitions, and suitability for both interval training and shorter runs.

Brooks Hyperion Tempo Specifications:

  • Weight: 7.3 oz
  • Heel Drop: 8mm
  • Shoe Type: Lightweight Running Shoe
  • Comfort: Stretchy, Breathable Upper for comfort and secure fit
  • Midsole: Nitrogen-infused DNA Flash midsole gives runners lightweight cushioning, adaptive energy return, and efficient and stable running
  • Foot Type: Suitable for runners with medium to high arches
  • Cushioning: Mid-Level Cushion for light and responsive cushioning
  • Training Style: Perfect for everyday running and training on roads and paved trails

Final Thoughts On The Brooks Hyperion Tempo

The Brooks Hyperion Tempo is our choice for runners who want a lightweight running shoe that can help with calf pain while allowing a variety of workouts on different surfaces.

The rocker style forefoot design, DNA Flash midsole, and moderate heel drop make this an optimal running shoe for people with calf pain.

The Hyperion Tempo will help you train fast while minimizing any pain you might experience.

Key Takeaways

To recap, here are some key takeaways related to each of the shoes discussed.

The New Balance FuelCell SC Elite v3 offers an excellent balance of performance and support to help power you through workouts focused on speed and performance. The carbon plate technology and responsive cushioning system make this shoe a prime choice for runners who push themselves to the max in races or training scenarios.

On the other hand, the New Balance Fresh Foam X 880v13 is a versatile, dependable stability shoe that can give comfort and support for long-distance running. Its cushioning system provides a smooth transition with each step and pain relief for those experiencing plantar fasciitis, shin splints, or calf strain. This shoe is an excellent option for runners with flat feet or those who require good arch support.

Lastly, the Brooks Hyperion Tempo is the best lightweight option for those seeking a shoe that minimizes calf pain. Its nitrogen-infused DNA Flash midsole promotes energy return and efficient movement, making it ideal for runners with high arches and those who prefer a neutral position. The breathable mesh upper ensures comfort and adaptability for various terrains, from casual runs to hilly workouts.

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