Antepes Muscle Runners Review | The Best Running Shoes For Sprinting

Antepes Muscle Runners Review | The Best Running Shoes For Sprinting

Antepes Muscle Runner Review

I have always had a tough time finding a good running shoe for sprinting. Most running shoes are built for jogging and slow running, with high levels of heel cushioning that get in the way of proper sprinting technique.

Fortunately, a new, innovative shoe is on the market which has become my favorite running shoes for sprinting: the Antepes Muscle Runners.

Antepes Muscle Runners - Designed For Speed

The Antepes Muscle Runners fill a void in the running shoe market which has existed for a long time - a shoe designed for sprinting.



I have used these shoes for most of my running workouts over the past couple of months, and I can say with certainty that they surpass every other running shoe I have used in my sprinting workouts.

The Muscle Runners are unique:

  • The Muscle Runners feature an elevated heel, similar to sprinting spikes, allowing you to properly contact the ground on the ball of your foot when sprinting.
  • These shoes provide significant cushioning under the ball of the foot, allowing you to handle the high impact forces of sprinting without getting hurt.
  • The Muscle Runners are built with a carbon plate that gives high levels of responsiveness and bounce, allow you to quickly get off the ground each step.
  • These shoes have a form-fitting, breathable upper that comfortably hugs your feet while providing ample air flow to prevent excessive sweating.

Antepes Muscle Runner Performance

The Muscle Runners perform very well when it comes to sprint training, both on and off of the track. I have used these shoes for a variety of different workouts and on multiple surfaces, such as:

  • Acceleration and speed training.
  • Tempo endurance training.
  • Stair sprints and hill sprints.
  • Sled pushes and pulls.
  • Sprint drills and straight leg bounds.
  • Broad jumps and stair jumps.
  • On the track, on turf, on asphalt, and on stairs.

In testing these shoes, I have found that I can run sprint times similar to what I have run in spikes, albeit slightly slower (as one would expect). They are fast enough to use for acceleration and speed training, while comfortable enough to wear during longer endurance style workouts.

my pair of antepes muscle runners

The carbon fiber plate provides ample bounce and responsiveness each step, while the padded forefoot and elevate heel ensure that you contact the ground properly each step.

These shoes have helped to improve the strength of my feet, ankles, calves, and achilles, and this is due to their unique design. Normal running shoes impede the natural stretch shortening cycle of the lower leg that occurs when contacting the ground in sprinting.

With the Muscle Runners, I can get the same explosive experience I have when running in spikes, but at a lower risk injury and on any surface that I have available to me at the time. Whether I am sprinting on the track, on a field, or in a parking lot, the Antepes Muscle Runners allow me to get my workouts done without issue.

Antepes Muscle Runners: Feel and Comfort

I have two pairs of the Antepes Muscle Runners, and they reliably offer me a comfortable running shoe when I want to sprint.

  • The Muscle Runners strike a great balance between comfort and performance.
  • The dual-layered foam absorbs shock when you contact the ground, allowing you to attack the ground and run faster.
  • The carbon fiber plate gives you a responsive and bouncy ride with each step, springing you forward into your next stride.
  • The grip on the sole of the shoe is stellar, allowing you to put all your effort into sprinting fast without any worry of slipping.
  • The flexible upper securely holds your foot in place, while allowing your feet to breathe and not get too sweaty.
  • The Muscle Runners feature a secure heel cup that locks your foot in place so it doesn't move around too much as you run.
  • Overall, the Antepes Muscle Runners feel comfortable and fast, which is exactly what you want in a pair of running shoes for sprinters.

Overall, I love the performance, feel, and comfort of the Antepes Muscle Runners.

My Verdict On The Antepes Muscle Runners

The Muscle Runners are great for anybody who wants to sprint without spikes.

Whether you are an experienced sprinter or someone who wants to add some faster running to your training, the Antepes are the pair of running shoes for you.

Bottom Of The Antepes Muscle Runners

You can use them in a variety of different workouts, on different surfaces, and at any point in your training year. They work great as a shoe that can help you transition into sprinting spikes, as they share the same shape and feel of spikes while being less harsh on your shins, ankles, and feet.

Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your Muscle Runners

Once you pick up a pair of Antepes Muscle Runners, I would suggest you consider the following tips before using them.

Introduce them gradually into your workouts.

If you are used to normal running shoes, the raised heel may feel foreign to you. This raised heel will allow your achilles and calf to stretch more during the ground contact phase, similar to what happens when you wear spikes.

This is good, as it conditions your lower leg to handle rapid eccentric loading and allows you to sprint with proper form. With that said, if you are used to running shoes that feature the typical chunky heel, this extra range of motion might make you pretty sore when first trying them out.

Putting On My Antepes Muscle Runners

As such, I suggest integrating them into your workouts gradually. For example, if you plan to run six sprints in a workout, you should wear the muscle runners for the last couple of sprints the first time you use them.

For your second workout in the Muscle Runners, you can use them for 50-70% of the workout. Then, by your third training session, you should be ready to use them for every sprint.

Use the Muscle Runners instead of spikes early in your training year.

If you run track & field, it is wise to avoid using spikes early in your training year. Spikes can be harsh on your body if you haven't been training a lot, so athletes often opt to stick with normal running shoes during the earlier phases of training.

The Muscle Runners work great during this period of the year as they will allow you to sprint with optimal technique while building the muscles, tendons, and ligaments that you need to get the most out of sprinting spikes.

By using the Muscle Runners early in the earlier phases if your training year, you will get the same feel of spikes without as much risk to your shins, ankles, feet, and calves as compared to if you jumped straight into a pair of spikes.

Antepes Muscle Runners Specifications

Where To Buy The Antepes Muscle Runners

The Antepes Muscle Runners are available through the Antepes website. You can find the latest price on them here

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