Off-Season Speed Training Workout For Sprinters

Off-Season Speed Training Workout For Sprinters

Off-Season Speed Training For Sprinters

Here is a speed development workout that is optimal for sprinters during their off-season or pre-season training phase. This workout offers a great introductory session to speed training, using a variety of exercises and a sprinting workout.

For this workout, you may need the following:

  • A track to train at.
  • Mini-hurdles.
  • Track spikes.



Performing The Workout

This workout consists of a couple different segments. First, stiff leg hops over mini-hurdles and straight leg bounds will be used to prep the body for speed work while also working on leg stiffness, hip extension & flexion, and hamstring elasticity. Then, wicket sprints will be performed, followed by sprints without wickets.

  1. Hurdle Hops & Straight Leg Bounds
  • 3x10 Low Hurdle Hops
  • 3x15m Straight Leg Bounds
  • Wicket Sprints
    • 4x Wicket Sprints (Wickets placed from 15 to 35m)
  • Speed Development Sprints
    • 3-5x 40-50m Sprints

    If you have not performed any speed training this season, you can always start off by doing this workout without section three. Meaning, you'd perform the hops, bounds, and wicket sprints, but not the speed development sprints. This is one way to ease back into fast sprinting while keeping injury risk as low as possible.

    In contrast, if you have been performing acceleration and speed training workouts, the you are likely prepared to perform the entire workout. As always, adjust the workloads to fit your needs and abilities!

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