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How To Decide Which Sprinting Workouts To Do

Sprinting Workouts

Sometimes it can be a challenge to decide which sprinting workouts you should perform. As 100m dash sprinters, we need to be competent with acceleration, maximal velocity sprinting, and speed endurance, all while staying strong and fit throughout the season. In this video, we go over a full sprinting workout as well as some ideas for how to best decide which workout is best for you.

The 10 Day Training Cycle Approach

One simple way to decide which sprint training workout you should do, is to first line out your top 3 training priorities. From there, set up your training schedule so that each of these 3 priorities are included in your training every 10 days.

This gives you flexibility with the density and frequency of your training, allowing you to select which workout fits best based on how you feel.

Essentially, you pick your top priority workout and perform that in your first primary day of training. After some recovery, you can come back on another day and hit priority number 2. As you can guess, the next time you want to train, you can perform a workout with priority number 3.

Priorities that fall below your top 3 can be included in workouts that fit into your schedule around the top 3 priorities you have. 

Practical Sprint Training Example

Here is an example of how this might work out in real life.

Priorities for the 100 meter dash sprinter:

  1. Acceleration Development
  2. Speed Development
  3. Speed Endurance Development
  4. Strength & Power Training

100 meter dash 10 Day Cycle Example:

  1. Acceleration Development
  2. Strength & Power Training
  3. Off
  4. Speed Development
  5. Strength & Power Training
  6. Off
  7. Off
  8. Speed Endurance Training
  9. Strength & Power Training
  10. Off

This cycle can be repeated over time or adjusted as your priorities change. Earlier in the year, your priorities might be for acceleration, speed, and strength


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