High School Sprinter Runs 9.98 - Crushes All-Conditions Record

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Matthew Boling of Houston, TX, took down Trayvon Bromell's all-conditions high school 100 meter dash time.

Matthew Boling, of Houston Strake Jesuit (TX) broke the high school, all-conditions 100 meter dash record in an amazing time of 9.98  in a +4.2 m/s tail wind. He ran this time at the UIL Region 3-6A meet in Webster, Texas.

Previously, this record was held by Trayvon Bromell, who ran 9.99 in 2013 with a wind reading of +4.0 m/s.

According to some reports, this is Matthew's first year running the open 100 meter dash! I'd love to see what sprinting workouts he has been using this year.

Beyond that, Matthew is a skilled multi-event athlete, running the 100 meter dash, 200 meter dash, and posting a long jump longer than 26 feet.

Fastest High School 100 Meter Dash Times

 Name High School Time (Wind) Lifetime Best
Matthew Boling 9.98 (4.2 m/s) 9.98 (4.2 m/s)
Trayvon Bromell 9.99 (4.0 m/s) 9.76 (3.7 m/s)
Trentavis Friday 10.00 (1.6 m/s) 10.00 (1.6 m/s)
Jeff Demps 10.01 (1.6 m/s) 9.90 (2.8 m/s)
Edorian McCullough 10.02 (NWI) 10.01 (2.1 m/s)

What do we see in the film?

In looking at the race, Matthew shows us that you can run very fast without having insane stride frequency.

We can clearly see that Matthew is exhibiting the front-side float of the foot & the whip from the hip action we expect to see, as was discussed in my latest video on sprinting technique.

matthew boling 9.98 100 meter dash

Matthew also exhibits a tall posture, efficient arm swing mechanics, and a clear intent to run as fast as possible. He does not wait for the ground, slow down through the line, or leave anything else on the table.

What's next for Boling?

 As is the case with any young athlete, one great performance may not indicate a career of success. Regardless, it would be safe to assume that this is not the last time we will see Matthew Boling's name come up next to a fast time.

 Matthew Boling's 2019 Race Progression
10.28 (1.9) Mar 16 TSU Relays - HS & MS Divs (F-Sa) HS P
10.22 (1.3) Mar 16 TSU Relays - HS & MS Divs (F-Sa) HS F
10.21 (4.2) Mar 30 92nd Clyde Littlefield Texas Relays HS-II P
10.20 (2.2) Mar 30 92nd Clyde Littlefield Texas Relays HS-II F
10.43 (2.1) Apr 11 UIL 6A District 23 23-6A P
10.58 (-2.0) Apr 11 UIL 6A District 23 23-6A F
10.40 Apr 27 UIL 6A Region III 3-6A P
9.98 (4.2)PR Apr 27 UIL 6A Region III 3-6A F

At only 18 years old, Matthew has a great career ahead of him in track & field. All we can hope is that he ends up in a great program that trains him in a way which plays to his strengths.

As of now, Matthew is committed to UGA (Georgia), where we can expect to see some great things in the near future. Congratulations, Matthew!

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