Acceleration & Horizontal Power Workout For Sprinters

Acceleration & Horizontal Power Workout For Sprinters

Here is a workout that is great for sprinters to perform during their off-season or pre-season. The goal is to work exercises that help emphasize horizontal power, while also working on the specific skill of acceleration.

For this workout, you will need the following:

  • A track or nice patch of grass to train on.
  • A medicine ball of 6 to 12 pounds.
  • A running sled with 25 to 45 pounds.

The Workout

This workout consists of a couple parts. First, you will perform some jumps and throws to prime your system for sprints while also working on horizontal power development. Then, you will go into the sprints with contrasts between sled pulls and block starts.

  1. Jumps & Throws - 3 Sets
  • 2x Single Leg Long Jump
  • 2x Underhand Med Ball Throw Forward
  • Contrast Sprints - 3 Sets
  • 2x 20m Sprint With A Sled
  • 1x 20m Sprint Without A Sled
  • Non-Resisted Sprints - 1 Set
  • 3x 30m Block Starts

With this workout, I would suggest using a heavier load for the first set of sled pulls, a moderate load for the second set, and the lightest load for your third set. This way, you can progress toward faster sprints, experience a variety of loads, and feel your fastest at the end of the workout.

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