Best High Jump Box For Track - Gill Athletics Arched Jump Box

Best High Jump Box For Track - Gill Athletics Arched Jump Box

The Best High Jump Box

As a track & field coach, having the right tools gives me options so I can set up the most effective training sessions.

Particularly with younger athletes, it can be a challenge to get across the concept that we do not simply bend our backs over the bar, but rather launch ourselves up into the air to then rotate around the bar in the high jump.

To help athletes learn effective take-off technique, coaches can use the Gill Athletics Arched Jump Box.

Gill Athletics Arched Jump Box

The Gill Athletics Arched Jump Box is the best high jump box on the market.

It is made of lightweight steel, making it easy to carry, and is covered in synthetic track material to give good grip and a feel similar to jumping off of the track.

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How To Use The Gill Arched High Jump Box

This high jump box can be used for either specific or general training.

For specific high jump training, athletes can use the Gill Arched Jump Box to practice their take-off technique. By having an elevated surface to jump off of, athletes are able to get into a slightly more loaded position, making it easier to feel what they need to feel in order to take off effectively.

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If you have an athlete who is capable of taking off but is struggling to do it from a technical standpoint, they would benefit from using a high jump box in their training.

For general jump training, the Gill Athletics Arched Jump Box can be used for low drop jumps, hops performed on an angled surface, or it could even be used when training for the long jump and triple jump, as well as for step ups.

Gill Arched Jump Box Reviews:

Coaches and athletes definitely approve of the Gill Athletics Arched Jump Box. Here is what one coach had to say in his review of this high jump box:

  • "Great product. We have 2 of them. They can be used indoor or out. During the winter we use these to jump off of instead of the turf. Product is very durable and a great tool to build confidence and develop technique."

Aside from online reviews, I have discussed with many coaches how much they like the Gill Arched Jump Box. From the high school up to the professional level, I know coaches who use these on a regular basis in their training and approve of the product.

Gill Arched Jump Box Product Details:

  • Dimensions: Height: 8", Width: 30″, Length: 47″
  • Weight: 57lb
  • Frame Material: Stainless steel.
  • Cover Material: Synthetic rubber.
  • Shape: Convex, arched box with a rectangular frame.
  • Price: $864

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