Brower Timing Systems | Buyer's Guide

Brower Timing Systems | Buyer's Guide

Brower Timing Systems

As a sprinter & track coach, I regularly make use of timing systems. In my experience, the Brower Timing System is convenient, accurate, and relatively simple to use.

In this article, I will discuss everything you need to know about the Brower Timing System so you can decide if it is the right system of timing gates for you.

What Are Brower Timing Systems?

Brower Timing Systems are accurate, portable, easy to use electronic timing systems. These timing systems are used to time sprinters and other athletes, allowing coaches to track sprinting data over time to help inform their training programs and to assess the needs of athletes.

Brower has two main timing systems available for timing sprints. Their flagship product is the Brower TCi timing system, which has the most features and widest range of capabilities. Their newest product, the Brower Black Box timing system, is a more affordable electronic timing system option that allows coaches to time their athletes at a lower price than most timing systems.

Brower TCi Timing System

The Brower TCi Timing System is one of the most accurate, portable, and useful timing systems on the market for testing the speed of athletes.

brower tci timing system

The TCi is the leading product in the Brower Timing Systems lineup, and for good reason. It allows you to time up to 1000 athletes, has a 250 yard radio signal range, and you can export all timing data to your PC for analysis.

How does the Brower Timing System work?

The Brower Timing System utilizes a laser based photo gate system. Two tripods are set up on either side of the lane in which the athlete will sprint, with one side sending a laser out and the other side detecting the laser.

Once the timer is started, either via the Motion Start or the audible starting mechanism, the system will detect when the athlete crosses the plane of the laser.

Because this system relies on a photo-cell, these units are very accurate to within one thousandth of a second. As long as you set up the system properly, you can be certain that the times you register are accurate, and this data is useful for tracking athlete progress over time.

Once recorded, times are sent to the handheld TCi timer, which can store up to 1000 split times and be sorted by unique athlete identifiers. The Brower TCi Timing System can also be connected to the Brower smartphone app, if you prefer to record times there instead of the TCi timer.

Brower TCi Timing System Features

  • Wireless: Yes
  • Portable: Yes
  • Accuracy: 0.001 seconds
  • View Times On Smartphone: Yes
  • Split Times (with additional timing gates): Yes
  • Radio Range: 250 Yards
  • Athlete Memory: 1000 athletes
  • Handheld Timer: Yes
  • Athlete Specific Tracking: Yes
  • Export Timing Data To PC: Yes
  • Data Sorting: Yes
  • Price without Smartphone Interface: $1358
  • Price with Smartphone Interface: $1765

Brower Black Box System

The Brower Black Box system is the newest product from Brower Timing Systems, which uses the same technology as the Brower TCi but comes in at a lower price.

The Brower Black Box system uses a BLE connection, similar to the Freelap Timing System, to send data from the timing system to your smartphone.

brower black box timing system

The Brower Block Box timing system has a variety of uses, such as testing the 40 yard dash, the 5-10-5 drill, and for timing flying sprints if you purchase additional timing gates.

With the Brower Black Box timing system, you can connect up to 20 timing gates which allows you to extract crucial data related to sprint times, acceleration profiles, and to see where in a sprint an athlete needs to work on.

With a radio range of up to 60 yards, the Brower Black Box system gives you the ability to time various short sprints with individuals or small groups.

The Brower Black Box timing system can be used alongside the included Motion Start unit, which will start the timer once the athlete moves from their starting blocks or start stance. This allows you to time sprints to a specific distance, such as from the starting line to 100 meters. If you add additional timing gates, you can also get split times, such as a 30 meter fly or 10 yard split times.

    Brower Black Box Timing System Features

    • Wireless: Yes
    • Portable: Yes
    • Accuracy: 0.01 seconds
    • View Times On Smartphone: Yes
    • Split Times (with additional timing gates): Yes
    • Radio Range: 60 Yards
    • Price: $798

    Brower Timing System Accessories

    There are a few accessories you may consider as a way to expand your Brower Timing Systems.

      • Brower Sprint Display Clock - This allows you to display Brower TCi times in a large format display. This can help athletes see their times and increase motivation. This is available for $598.
      • Extra Timing Gates - You can expand your Brower timing system to be able to record split times with an additional set of timing gates. These are available for $539.

      Frequently Asked Questions About Brower Timing Systems

      What are the components of the Brower Timing System?

      This will depend on which package you purchase.

      The Brower TCi timing system will come with the TCi timer, the TCi motion start, one timing gate, tripods for the timing gate, and a carrying case.

      The Brower Black Box timing system comes with one set of timing gates and tripods, a motion start unit, a battery, and a carrying case.

      How accurate is the Brower Timing System?

      The Brower Timing Systems are accurate to one one-thousandth of a second, giving the highest accuracy available in a portable timing system.

      How does the Brower Timing System differ from other sprint timing systems?

      Other systems, such as the Freelap Timing System, rely on wireless transponders to record times. The Brower Timing Systems use infrared laser photo cells, meaning that you physically run through an invisible barrier which sets off the timer.

      The Freelap Timing System will take up less space on the track, whereas the Brower Timing System must be set up with tripods on either side of the lane in which that athlete is running.

      If space is a concern, you can check out my Freelap Timing System review to see if that system would be better for your needs. If space is not a limiting factor, then the Brower Timing System has many benefits which make it a great option for timing athletes.

      Can the Brower Timing System be used for other types of events besides sprints?

      The Brower Timing System can be used to time anything, as long as you are able to move through the middle of the timing gates to register your time.

      What are some common issues or challenges when using the Brower Timing System?

      The main issues with the Brower Timing System are usually related to setup.

      First, if you do not properly align the timing gates, you will not be able to record any times. The timing gates need to be set up directly across from one another, so that the photo cell can detect when the athlete crosses the plane.

      The other issue you might run into is taking up too much space. If you are at a busy track, you may have people complain as the Brower Timing System requires you to set up on either side of the lane that the athlete is running through, meaning you take up nearly 3 lanes on the track.

      How can you use the data collected by the Brower Timing System to improve your training and performance?

      How you use the date from your Brower Timing System will determine how useful the timing system is.

      Within the session, times can be used to either motivate athletes or to help you decide how much sprinting they need to do. If an athlete runs a fast time, but then comes back with a slower subsequent time, it may be wise to end their training session as they have hit their limit with regards to training volume.

      Between sessions, timing data from the Brower system can help inform you as to what part of the sprint the athlete needs to work on. You can assess times at various distances, and then see which part of the sprint the athlete needs to improve at.

      Questions to ask yourself as a coach:

      • How far can they accelerate?
      • How well can they maintain their speed?
      • When do they start to decelerate significantly?
      All of these questions can be answered with the Brower Timing System, and the answers can help drive your programming and training with that athlete.

      What Are Timing Systems?

      Timing systems are electronic devices that measure and record the time it takes complete a sprint or other athletic activity. Timing systems, such as the Brower TCi timing system, are used to capture sprint times to a certain distance, as well as split times, or the time between two distances while the athlete is already sprinting.

      Timing systems are useful for coaching athletes, as they increase motivation to run fast, give you useful data to adjust training volumes, and allow you to identify training opportunities to make the athlete better. I use a Freelap Timing System, and have used the Brower Timing Systems in the past, and have found both systems to be a huge benefit to my coaching and training as a sprinter.


      Timing systems are essential tools for sprinters, providing an objective measure of performance and allowing athletes to track their progress. The Brower timing system is one of the most advanced and reliable timing systems available, offering a range of features that make it a top choice for event organizers and athletes alike. If you are looking for a high quality electronic timing system that has loads of features and high accuracy, the Brower Timing System is worth trying out.


      Ultimately, the Brower Timing System will give you exactly what you need when it comes to timing sprints. It will provide accurate and consistent timing that is relatively convenient to use.

      If you want the most features, the Brower TCi Timing System is the best route to go.

      If you want the most affordable way to time your athletes using timing gates, the Brower Black Box is the best option.

      If after reading this, the Brower does not seem like something you want, then you should check out my review of the Freelap Timing System to see if that is a better product for your needs.

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