Puma Track Spikes For Sprinters

Puma Track Spikes For Sprinters

Puma is a well-known brand in the athletic world and their track spikes are no exception. They offer a range of spikes designed for different track and field events, providing athletes with the right equipment to help them perform at their best.

Here we will discuss the best Puma Track Spikes for sprinters in 2023.

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Puma Track Spikes For Sprinters

For the 2023 track & field season, Puma has released a number of spikes which have been used by high performing athletes to run fantastic times. Whether you like the feel or the aesthetic, Puma track spikes are always a good option. As a track athlete myself, the first pair of spikes I wore in collegiate competition were Puma spikes, and they treated me well.

Here are the top 3 pairs of Puma track spikes for sprinters to wear in 2023.

Puma EvoSpeed Tokyo Future 4

The Puma EvoSpeed Tokyo Future 4 offers the highest level of performance currently available in a pair of Puma track spikes.

puma evospeed tokyo future 4

Featuring a carbon plate and 8 permanent spike pins, the Puma EvoSpeed Tokyo Future 4 is a lightweight, stiff, and responsive pair of sprinting spikes. There are designed to be a high performance track & field shoe for sprinters sprinters.

If you want the absolute highest performing pair of Puma track spikes for sprinters, the Puma EvoSpeed Tokyo Future 4 is the pair for you. This pair of spikes is best suited for athletes in the short sprint events, as well as athletes who are experienced and expect to perform well at their event.

Puma EvoSpeed Tokyo Future 4 Features:

  • Matryx Micro Technology which infuses the single piece upper material with carbon threads, adding rigidity and durability to the shoe.
  • Internal carbon fiber plate spans from the midfoot towards the forefoot, using a forked design to help enhance propulsion.
  • A full-length internal plate sits right under the foot, aiding in reactivity and quickness off of the ground.
  • Eight permanent pin spikes gives these spikes more grip than nearly anything else on the market, while being lightweight with a sleek design.

Puma EvoSpeed Tokyo Future 4 Details:

  • Primary Events: 60m, 100m, 200m,100mH/110mH
  • Carbon Plate: Yes
  • Weight: 170g/6oz.
  • Price: $170.00

Puma EvoSpeed Tokyo Brush 4

The Puma EvoSpeed Tokyo Brush 4 is another great pair of Puma track spikes for sprinters. This pair has some similarities and differences from the Tokyo Future 4.

puma evospeed tokyo brush 4

The Tokyo Brush 4 spikes come with a full length Pebax spike plate, offering aggressive stiffness and energy return from the track with every stride. This pair of spikes is well suited for any of the sprinting events, making it perfect for sprinters who compete in both the short and long sprints.

The Puma EvoSpeed Tokyo Brush 4 track spikes are best for intermediate to advanced sprinters, such as juniors or seniors in high school or beyond. These spikes are high performing while also being versatile. If you want a stiff and reactive spike without having to buy the most expensive pair out there, these are good for you.

Puma EvoSpeed Tokyo Brush 4 Features:

  • Full-length Pebax plate offers high levels of propulsion each step.
  • High levels of grip at a low weight using a clawed spike plate and 8 removable spike pins.
  • Matryx Micro Single-piece upper infused with carbon fiber ensures a secure fit to your foot.
  • Best for neutral runners without excessive pronation, competitive runners, and those who prefer a rounded toe design.

Puma EvoSpeed Tokyo Brush 4 Details:

  • Primary Events: 60m, 100m, 200m, 400m, 100mH/110mH, 400mH
  • Carbon Plate: No
  • Weight: Approximately 6.5oz
  • Price: $140.00

Puma EvoSpeed Sprint 14

The Puma EvoSpeed Sprint 14 track spikes are a high quality entry-level pair of spikes, aimed at the high school track & field sprinter or anyone else who wants a softer spike plate without sacrificing performance.

puma evospeed sprint 14

The Puma EvoSpeed Sprint 14 is a great pair of track spikes for high school sprinters, featuring the 3/4-length pebax plate which balances stiffness and performance while still being forgiving enough for the younger sprinter.

These spikes feature a synthetic upper material which allows the shoes to be lightweight yet supportive, as well as durable for the demands of practice and competition.

Because these feature removable spikes, you can replace the spike pins as they wear down, and as such these spikes may last longer than the other Puma track spikes mentioned here.

Puma EvoSpeed Sprint 14 Features:

  • 3/4-length Pebax plate offers high levels of propulsion while not being too aggressive for the beginner or intermediate sprinter.
  • High levels of grip with 8 removeable spike pins.
  • Crash pad on the heel helps prevent damage from high impact heel striking.
  • Best for younger or newer sprinters, or for anyone looking for a more affordable pair of spikes.

Puma EvoSpeed Sprint 14 Details:

  • Primary Events: 60m, 100m, 200m, 400m, 100mH/110mH, 400mH
  • Carbon Plate: No
  • Weight: Approximately 6.5oz
  • Price: $120.00


In conclusion, Puma's EvoSpeed line of track spikes offers a range of options for different types of track and field events. Whether you're a high school sprinter or an elite athlete, Puma track spikes offer options to fit your needs.

To perform at the highest level, check out the Puma EvoSpeed Tokyo Future 4.

For a high performing yet versatile pair of spikes, check out the Puma EvoSpeed Tokyo Brush 4.

For a high quality, entry level pair of spikes, the Puma EvoSpeed Sprint 14 spikes are the way to go.

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