Rolf Ohman - Advanced Training Methods For Elite Athletes - ATHLETE.X Podcast #1

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ATHLETE.X Podcast #1

Guest: Rolf Ohman

Today on the show we have Rolf Ohman. Rolf has over 40 years of experience in elite level track & field. Rolf was the Assistant Head Coach for the Chinese Track & Field team leading up to the 2020 Olympics, where sprinter Su Bingtian crushed the Asian record running 9.83 in the 100m dash.

Rolf currently works as the head coach of jumps for the Hong Kong Sports Institute, and is also the coach for Jacob Despard, a high level sprinter out of Australia.

Rolf is the inventor of the 1080 system, which includes the 1080 Sprint and 1080 Quantum. Rolf makes use of technology in his training, such as tracking Time to Peak Velocity with a VBT sensor or using Keiser equipment to get the most out of his athletes.

Here we cover a variety of topics including important metrics used in the strength training of sprinters, where many coaches get things wrong in the weight room, the history of the 1080 system, his experience learning from Charlie Francis, his time working with Randy Huntington, and loads of wisdom that he has gained from putting in the time working with athletes for decades.

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